Updated: August 06, 2020

With the change of time, since the modern technology is developed, crime patterns have also changed. The perfect solution to hide your valuables out of the bad eyes is, to have the best diversion safe at your hand. Here are 5 best option you can choose from.

#1 Chapstick Diversion Safe Stash Can

Chapstick Diversion Safe Stash Can Review There are certain objects that virtually everyone takes with them. Chapstick is one such example. Whether you are a man or woman, it is likely that you take this lip balm with you. The truth is that most of us have to battle dry, chapped lips at some point, so we will carry Chapstick in our jacket pocket, purse, or simply have it in our car. This is why it makes for the perfect stash box.

This container is 3” x 1.1” x 0.5”, and comes with a false bottom that you can remove to be able to store small objects, like pills or other similar sized items. It is the perfect choice for someone who needs a small space to store their item.

#2 Suave Hairspray Safe

Suave Hairspray Safe Review Like hairbrush, common household items that you use on a regular basis can make for the perfect stash safe. This can of Suave hairspray is one such example.

This is a common product found in almost any bathroom or bedroom in the country. Both men and women need hairspray so they can look their absolute best, and this is why it makes for the perfect location for you to store your valuable items. While still providing you with hairspray, ensuring that it is the perfect ruse, the bottom unscrews to give you a small storage space. You will love the convenience and simplicity of this stash safe.

#3 Secret Stash Spy Sharpie Marker Hidden Compartment

Secret Stash Spy Sharpie Marker Hidden Compartment Review If you are looking for a small area to hold pills or larger bills, then this is one of the most clever options available. The Sharpie is another common item found in almost any home. Most use it to permanently mark items around their home, and so they are often found the desk drawer or in a pen holder. Many even take them inside their briefcase or purse.

This is why it makes for the perfect way to hide your valuable items. The marker untwists in the middle, giving you ample space to be able to store a few small, important items. Plus, no one will think anything about this because it still provides you with the marker you need.

#4 Gambling Personal Pocket Cash Drop Lock Box Safe

Gambling Personal Pocket Cash Drop Lock Box Safe Review Maybe what you are looking for is something to provide a little additional protection against yourself. Many of us go to casinos with the intention on spending only a small amount of money only to find the temptation to spend more to be too great. You don’t want to leave your money in your room, but know that it is going to be spent if you take it with you. This is where this particular stash safe comes into play.

The Gamble Box allows you to secure your additional money that you don’t want to spend under lock and key. It gives you an additional pouch to place the money you want to use, but that you don’t want to spend can be kept inside this box, which easily fits into your front or back pocket. This can provide you with that extra safeguard to keep you from overspending, or you could use it to store other valuable items.

#5 Barbasol Original Thick and Rich Cream Men Shaving Cream

Barbasol Original Thick and Rich Cream Men Shaving Cream Review Virtually every household has at least one can of shaving cream. It is one of the most common items found around the home, which makes it the ideal choice to store your valuables. This stash container can be placed in almost any room in your home, including in your bathroom, hall closet, bedroom, you could even have it stored in a shaving kit.

This is simply one of those items that the average robber is not going to take a thorough look at, unless they are intending to shave. Plus, it makes for the perfect container to take your valuables with you when you go on the road. Simply place it in your shaving kit or suitcase and you have the perfect disguise for your valuables.

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