Your home is supposed to be your Castle. The place where you separate yourself from the cares of the world, and feel like nothing can bother you. It is truly your sanctuary.

While this may be your sanctuary, even a sanctuary needs security. There are those who would wish to try to breach the sanctity of your home, forcing many to take such measures as adding a home security system, adding motion sensors around their home, or other kinds of like measures.

While each of these can be highly effective, there are still those who are looking for some additional added protection, something that can keep their most valuable possessions secure, especially their firearms. This is where a floor safe can be the perfect option for any home or business owner.

Buyer’s Guide : How to Make the Right Choice?

While you may agree that purchasing a floor safe is the ideal option for you, determining the factors that matter the most to you is a good place to begin so that you choose a product that best fits your needs. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Locking Mechanism. The most common type of walk you will find wood floor safes is a combination type. At least that is true with the standard models. However, you may want an electronic lock were a biometric option, which may mean you have to pay more.
  • Moisture Resistance. Because your safe is located in the floor of your home, it is much more likely to have condensation or moisture buildup in or around the safe. There are safe options that diminish the ability of moisture to build up.
  • External Protection. Moisture is not only a concern for your valuables inside the safe. You also have to worry about moisture corroding or causing rust on the exterior of your product. Choosing a safe that is specially coated to protect against rusting and corrosion may be something to consider.
  • Mounting Hardware. Most of the floor safes that you would review are designed to be surrounded by concrete. Not all of them come with the necessary hardware to install them, so you may want to find something that offers you all of the materials you need to install your safe. This can save you some money.
  • Size & Shape. The overall size and design of the safe is also important. This is especially true based upon the kinds of materials that you intend to store within the product.

Top 12 Best Floor Safes on the Market Right Now!

PreviewFloor SafeRatingPrice
Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe Review#1 Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe
Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe Review#2 Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe
FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe Review#3 FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe
Amsec C7 STAR Safe Round Lift Out Door Tubular Body Floor Safe Review#4 Amsec C7 STAR Safe Round Lift Out Door Tubular Body Floor Safe
Hollon B1500 In Ground Safe Review#5 Hollon B1500 In Ground Safe
BARSKA Steel in Ground Floor Safe Security Steel Vault Review#6 BARSKA Steel in Ground Floor Safe Security Steel Vault
Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG Steel Floor Safe Review#7 Tracker Safe FS121514-DLG Steel Floor Safe
Protex IF-1500C Floor Safe Review#8 Protex IF-1500C Floor Safe
Stealth Floor Safe B2500 In-Ground Home Security Vault Review#9 Stealth Floor Safe B2500 In-Ground Home Security Vault
Protex IF-1212SC Floor Safe Review#10 Protex IF-1212SC Floor Safe
Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault Review#11 Stealth Floor Safe B1500 In-Ground Home Security Vault
Tracker Safe Steel Floor Safe Review#12 Tracker Safe Steel Floor Safe

#1 Amsec B1500 Super Brute ”B” Rate Rectangular Door Floor Safe

Amsec B1500 Super Brute ''B'' Rate Rectangular Door Floor Safe Review

Editor Favorits
  • Built to be resistant against brute force attacks
  • Provides all the necessary hardware to secure this safe in place
  • Provides plenty of room for you to be able to store a wide variety of valuables
  • Comes with a backup key in case the keypad fails
  • Comes with carpeted flooring to help conceal the safe

  • Digital code can lock up or not work as advertised
  • Because of its depth, requires you to go deep into the flooring or ground to be able to install

One of the things that should help you to feel more confident about your safe is when the company stands behind its product in a way that separates it from others. This Amsec option comes with a lifetime burglary replacement warranty, letting you know that the company stands behind their design, believing that there is no way that anyone should be able to take this safe out of your home.

Access to the safe is granted through a keypad, which is programmable to enable you to set a code you will remember. Three one inch deadbolts lock the door in place, and the metal plate the door is made with is built to withstand brute force attacks.

The door is form fitted, which reduces the ability for anyone to pry the safe door open. Because of its design, it is also resistant to those who would attempt to smash the door open, even if they were using a sledgehammer. The door this unit is .75 inches thick, giving you a durable product that you can depend upon.

The floor plate is specifically designed to attach to concrete, making it almost impossible for someone to steal it. Included with the safe are solid steel hinges and internal mounting bolts that hold the safe in place.

The inside of the safe provides you with plenty of storage space. It is 10.75 inches wide, 11.12 inches tall and goes 14 inches deep. This will give you plenty of space to be able to store the things that matter to you most.

An attractive carpeted flooring is included, to help you to better conceal your safe. This truly is a magnificent option.

#2 Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe

Hollon B2500 In Ground Safe Review

Editor Favorits
  • Safe door is built to be both drill and pry resistant
  • Lightweight enough to allow you to install on your own
  • Metal lip helps to secure the safe in concrete
  • Built to make it so that it is easy to disguise
  • Provides plenty of interior space

  • There are reports that people have had problems with the combination settings
  • You would likely have to create concrete framework or hire a company to do so to effectively secure the safe in place
  • It is a much better safe if you purchased the digital lock upgrade

Hollon has created one of the very best floor safes on the market. There is truly a lot to like about this safe, starting with the fact that it is designed for concealment. With a plate that goes over the top of the container, you are easily able to disguise this product, making it virtually impossible to locate without prior knowledge of knowing where the safe is located.

The interior of the safe is 12.9 inches tall by 10.9 inches wide by 11.3 inches deep, giving you plenty of room to be able to store almost any valuable you may have, maybe excluding shotguns or rifles. There are partitions to help you to organize the safe better, making it easier to locate your valuables when needed.

The door is ½ inch thick and made of a solid steel. The body is ¼ inch thick steel, and is encased in a steel shell that easily slides down into the floor area where you have created a place for your safe. This not only acts as an additional barrier to reduce condensation or damage caused by dirt, soil, or other natural materials, but also acts as protection from scratches or dents.

The safe door uses a spring-loaded free locking device, opening the door quickly when the lock is released. To secure the door in place a full-length dead bolt bar extends to both sides of the safe, making it pry resistant. There were also five additional locking bolts that are chrome plated and made of solid steel. The door is drill resistant and also helps to protect the lock from attempts to bypass the security system.

At 93 pounds, it is not too heavy for you to be able to secure in place on your own. This gives you the added protection of not having to ask another person to assist you in installing your safe.

#3 FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe

FS4000B Hayman Polyethylene Floor Safe Review

Editor Favorits
  • Safe is both rustproof and leakproof
  • Built to keep moisture out of your safe
  • Comes with storage shelves and filing system to help you to better organize your valuables
  • Door collar helps to make it difficult to pry open the door
  • Lightweight enough to be able to install on your own

  • The combination lock takes a little time to figure out how to properly work it
  • The exterior of the safe is not made of steel, only the door is. This is why you must in case it in concrete to properly protect your valuables
  • Would likely take about 30 minutes to be able to pry off the door if you went through the polyethylene exterior

What many like about this safe is that it provides additional features that help to make it a cut above a great many of the other products you would find on the market today. It starts with the fact that the use of a polyethylene body means that the safe is both resistant to rust and is leakproof.

This is ideal considering that you are likely positioning the product inside the ground where moisture can easily penetrate the body of a safe. This moisture can also lead to corrosion and rust, something you will not have to worry about with this Hayman product.

There is a lot to like about this safe beyond these features, however. There are storage shelves included inside the safe which helps you to better organize your materials, including a filing system.

The door is ½ inch thick and the frame is welded to create a collar for the door. This helps to make it more secure and to make it far more challenging to try to pry the door open. The door is bolted in place by 0.25 inch thick bolts that lock the door in place on each side of the safe.

The door also includes a spring assisted lift off mechanism which makes it much easier for you to be able to open and close the door. This also protects you from pinching your fingers caught in the door when you slam the door shut. The safe uses a dial combination lock and you can upgrade to a digital lock at an additional cost. Truly a fantastic safe that you will have great confidence in its ability to protect your valuables.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions related to floor safes.

#1 What Kinds of Floor Safes Are Available?

Most floor safes that you will find are built for smaller sized objects. This means that objects such as jewelry, cash, handguns, and other similar sized valuables are what you are likely to be able to fit inside the safe.

#2 What do I Need to Install a Floor Safe?

It depends upon the type of floor safe that you are installing. Most are going to require you to have a jackhammer to break through the concrete foundation of your home or business.

You will also need concrete to secure the safe in place as well as any tools necessary to construct the framework of where your safe will be located.

Installing a Stealth floor safe in a wood floor or RV.
#3 What are the Benefits of Floor Safe?

The benefits of this type of safe are obvious. Not only do you have a great storage space to keep your valuables secure, but the safe is generally invisible to those who are not aware it’s there. Plus, many of these safes are designed to attach them to the concrete surrounding the safe, making it virtually impossible to pull the safe out.

#4 Floor Safe vs Wall Safe – What Should I Buy?

The answer to this question is based upon what your needs are. A wall safe may allow you to have quicker access to your valuables and firearms in an emergency, but if your plan of action is to head to the basement or bottom floor of your home, your floor safe may be the better choice. Plus, a safe secured in the foundation of your home is much more secure than one that is attached to a wall.

#5 What Size Should I Choose in Terms of Floor Safe?

That depends upon what you intend to store. Most of these floor safes are not large enough for you to be able to store rifles or shotguns. However, if you have a number of handguns, a large number of important documents, and other valuables you may need a larger size safe.

#6 Do I Need Professional Help Installing a Floor Safe?

This is a question that is based upon the size of your safe. Many of the models you have reviewed have been under 100 pounds, meaning that if you have the equipment you could likely install the safe on your own. However, a model that weighs 150 pounds or more can be a real challenge to try to install on your own. Plus, if you want to make sure that the safe is securely locked into the foundation you may want to look into hiring a professional.

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