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Gun safe can be one of the best investments you make, especially if you have firearms, jewelry, or other valuables that you want to ensure that you protect properly. While many safes are rather small in size, there are those that are much larger, allowing you the capability to be able to store such things as long rifles, important documents, external hard drives and other digital media containers, and much more.

The problem is that the more you have the harder it is to find, and this is where the purchase of a safe lighting system could be the ideal choice for you. This not only allows you to be able to find materials, making you better organized, but ensures that in an emergency where you need to find your firearms quickly, you can locate what you need in a situation where seconds matter.

Finding the Best Gun Safe Lighting System

Before deciding upon what kind of lighting system you want for your safe, it is important to understand some of the key factors in making a good decision for yourself. Here are some you want to consider.

  • LED vs CFL. There are really two different types of bulbs that can be used. The LED option last longer and is significantly more energy-efficient, but they are much more costly. The CFL bulbs are fluorescent bulbs that most of us are more familiar with. They work well, but take up more energy and don’t last nearly as long of course, they are much cheaper.
  • Power source. The two different forms of power you can have our AC or DC. AC requires that you have a power cord plugged in to a wall outlet. This means you must drill a hole through your safe to be able to accommodate the cord, something you may not want to do if you have a fireproof or waterproof safe. The DC option uses a battery pack, which removes the need for a cord but requires you to recharge or replace the batteries frequently.
  • Motion Sensor vs Switch. Some LED lighting units will turn on the moment that they detect motion, such as your safe door opening. Others have a switch that she would manually press to turn on the light.
  • Mounting. How the lights connect to your safe is important as well. Does this kit, with all of the necessary hardware to connect into your safe? Some offer you a frame that you can easily slide or secure to the top or side of your safe.

10 Best Gun Safe Lighting System on the Market!

#1 Liberty Safe Clearview WAND LED Light Kit

Liberty Safe Clearview WAND LED Light Kit Review If you want to add a lot of light to your safe but not have to worry about it taking up a great deal of space, this may be exactly what you are looking for. This is a powerful product, that gives 1.5 W of light per strip. Five strips are included, ensuring that you can locate them throughout your safe so that no corner or crevice remains darkened.

Included is all of the hardware you would need to install and activate the product. This includes a cord and connector cords to go between each individual strip. Plus, it is a lot easier to install than you may have thought. Each strip comes with its own self adhesive backing, making it easy for you to be able to connect to any location in your safe.

The one challenge you will have an installation is that this is a corded product, meaning you are going to have to drill a hole through your safe to be able to install the cord. This may be something you don’t want to do if you have a fireproof or waterproof safe, as it can reduce the efficiency of those features.

Liberty is a brand that you can trust, producing high quality products for quite some time. You will truly be satisfied with this choice if you decide that it is right for you. You will also love the fact that it is motions activated and a durable product, built to last up to 30,000 hours of use.

#2 Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit

Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit Review This is another great lighting system that uses seven different 20 inch LED light strips to give you all the light you could need inside your safe. The kit comes with all of the different hardware pieces you need, including all of the different cords that go from one strip to another, the cord you need to run into a wall, as well as a motion sensor.

The strips easily attach to your safe by using connectors that easily attach the strips to your safe. In a matter of a few minutes you can have your entire lighting system up and running. Because seven different strips are included, you can be sure that every part of your safe will be well lit.

The source of power is the use of an electrical cord that plugs into a standard outlet. This will mean that you will need to run the cord three your safe and into the strips. Requiring that you drill a hole in your safe to enable the cord to slide through there is also a motion sensor included as part of the kit. This activates the lights when motion is detected up to 3 m away. The entire amount of light is 2250 lumens.

You will also like that this comes with a lifetime warranty, assuring you of the quality of the kit. Truly a fantastic option that you can count on to provide the light you need for your safe for decades.

#3 Kuled 10-led Wireless Motion Sensing LED Light

Kuled 10-led Wireless Motion Sensing LED Light Review This is a very popular design that many are familiar with because this design is often used for lights that are used in workshops or under workbenches. With a solid frame holding a translucent plastic cover, you get maximum illumination while also getting a product that is durable and where the lights are well protected.

This is a cordless option, providing you with 10 LED lights per strip. Each pack comes with three strips included, allowing you to use in multiple locations. In fact, one of the things that you will truly love about this is that the product is built to you be used just about anywhere. It’s perfect for your safe, but you could find it to be a great option in your bathroom, hallway, or garage.

An auto motion sensor illuminates the light, and it will shut back off if there is 10 seconds of inactivity around the sensor. This will help to prevent the batteries from dying out quickly, and helps to preserve energy, making it a great eco-friendly option. Turns on when you come within 3 m of the light. This would make it a good addition as an emergency light should you want to be notified if someone is coming around your home at nighttime.

The product is extremely easy to install. A tight suction magnet is included and is all that is needed. No need for screws or any other hardware. Just peel off the tape on the magnets and you are ready to go. This also enables you to be able to remove the light from your safe if you need to use it somewhere else.

#4 Stack-On SPAEL-400 LED Safe Lighting Kit

Stack-On SPAEL-400 LED Safe Lighting Kit Review Maybe what you are looking for is a kit that provides you with multiple lights that you can position throughout your safe. If that is the case, then this is the perfect option for you.

This kit includes four different LED lighting strips, ensuring that you get a significant amount of light throughout your safe. Each strip is mounted using the hook and loop strings, and would take you just a matter of a few minutes using handy household tools virtually everyone has in their home.

Each strip has 30 LEDs, giving you a total of 120. The strips use a proximity sensor, activating the light whenever the safe door is open or someone comes close to the safe when it is open. In fact, you will find that when your hand is within 12 inches of the strip that the lights will turn on.

You will need to run a plug through the safe to be able to power the LED strips. This is the one disadvantage of using this particular model, as you reap the benefits of having lights anytime you need them without having to recharge batteries, but must run a cord through the safe or use an outlet located in the safe.

Despite this one disadvantage, you will love the increased amount of light you receive. This is a fantastic option, especially if you are a person who has a larger sized gun safe.

#5 LOCKDOWN Cordless 75 LED Vault Light

LOCKDOWN Cordless 75 LED Vault Light Review A good cordless LED safe light can make for the perfect choice, and this is one you will truly like. This is a battery operated light, which gives you the ability to mounted in several different ways. This includes mounting it to the top of your safe or to the walls, even at the bottom if you so desire.

The 75 W LED light gives you plenty of power to be able to see inside your safe, and you will not have to worry about the disadvantages that come with using an LED light that needs accord to operate. Three AAA batteries are needed, and you will find that they can last up to five hours of continuous use.

You are able to easily mount this light kit in place by using either the magnets or screws that are attached. This allows you to mount the display as you choose, even making it so that you can move it if you need to. This is one of the nice features about this light, giving you greater flexibility to move the LED display around if you need to get a better angle.

The only negative to this light is that it does not come with a motion sensor. The on/off switch is located next to the light display, and turns on with a simple flick of the switch giving you 95 lumens of output.

Simplicity is one thing you will absolutely love about this light, as it takes nothing more than attaching the magnets, putting in new batteries, and sticking it to the side of your safe and you are ready to go.

#6 TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit

TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit Review Here is another great option that employs strips that are connected through a series of power cords, allowing you to customize your lighting system within your safe so that you are able to get the maximum use of your kit. Each bar is 12 inches long, and easily attaches to your safe through the use of a magnetic strip.

This product is extremely easy to install, but does require you to drill a hole in your safe to accommodate the power cord that keeps the lighting system illuminated. That may be an issue for those who have a waterproof or fireproof safe, where they don’t want to allow any kind of access into their vault.

Each bar offers 150 lumens, giving you a large amount of light to keep every crevice in crack of your safe well lit. Plus, they are built with a high output LED that will give you a long-lasting set of lights that will give you years of exceptional output.

The motion sensor detects movement up to 26 feet away, immediately turning on the lights. Plus, the lights automatically turn on when the safe door is open and will shut off when the door closes. If there is not movement detected within four minutes the lights will shut off as well, saving you electricity while being more eco-friendly.

This is a magnificent option that you will find is ideal for your safe. Plus, you may find that it is the perfect addition for lighting your countertop, bathroom, or other place in your home.

#7 IllumiSafe Gun Safe Light

IllumiSafe Gun Safe Light Review If simplicity and efficiency are what you are looking for, then there is truly no better option than this. This product easily attaches to your safe door, and is adjustable, allowing you to direct where you would like the light to show. You can attach it to an inside wall of your safe or to the ceiling, as it provides you with the flexibility to get the most out of this lighting product.

A magnet inside the base allows you to attach the light where you desire. This also allows you to move the light if you so desire, or to use it in other locations around your home. It may work perfectly inside your bathroom, hallway, or in a shed or garage.

A motion detector activates the light whenever the door is opened or someone comes within 5 m of the sensor. The light will stay on and tell there is 60 seconds of inactivity, reducing the amount of energy used by the product. Three AAA batteries are required to power the light.

This is a very simple product that you can be sure you are going to get the most out of. Add to it the fact that this is one of the least expensive options available while still giving you a great deal of bang for your buck and you will most definitely feel it is the right option for your safe or home.

#8 OxyLED Motion Sensor 20 LED Gun Safe Light

OxyLED Motion Sensor 20 LED Gun Safe Light Review Getting a safe light that provides a high-quality motion sensor can really be of benefit, and this is one that you will find to be of the highest quality. The light illuminates whenever you come within 3 m of the sensor, and will go out after just 15 seconds of inactivity around the sensor. This not only ensures that you get life it, but that electricity is not wasted. Definitely an eco-friendly option.

To add to the efficiency, the sensor actually has three different settings. You can choose the auto, which activates the light whenever the motion sensor detects movement, however you can choose to simply turn on or off the light as you desire.

There is a battery pack included with the kit, and it is rechargeable. All you need to do is to plug it in using a USB cable and you were able to fully recharge your light.

The design allows you to be able to easily taken off of the safe, making the recharging process a whole lot easier. However, that does not mean that it will easily come loose when you open and close the door. A locking mechanism holds the light in place until you are ready to remove it to recharge. It only takes a few screws to get you up and running.

The product is 7.5 inches in length, making it so that it will fit easily into most safes. It has 20 ultrabright LEDs included to give you all the light you need inside your safe, and is constructed with a high quality aluminum alloy, giving you a durable product for years to come. Plus, you’ll love the fact that you could use this in many locations beyond your safe.

Comparison Chart

Gun Safe LightProsCons
#1 Liberty Safe Clearview WAND LED Light Kit
  • Provides a great deal of illumination for your safe
  • The inclusion of self adhesive backing makes it easier to install
  • Gives you extended lifespan through its durability and efficiency
  • Great motion sensors
  • The connector cords between strips can come loose easily
  • Requires you to drill a hole through your safe to be able to power the kit
#2 Light My Safe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit
  • Provides all the light you could possibly need for your safe
  • Easy to assemble and to attach to the inside of your safe
  • The perfect choice for somebody who has a larger sized gun safe, up to 60 inches
  • Not really built for any kind of safe smaller than 4 feet
  • Positioning to ensure it does not obstruct the locking bolt can be a challenge in some safes
#3 Kuled Wireless Motion Sensing 10-LED Light
  • Very easy to install, and able to use in multiple locations in your home
  • Provides you with 10 LED lights per strip, giving you plenty of power
  • An eco-friendly option, which turns on only when someone comes within 3 m and shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity
  • The motion sensor is not as responsive as described
  • You may have to fix the sensor by taking out the batteries and reinstalling them
  • Batteries need to be replaced more frequently than you would think
#4 Stack-On SPAEL-400 LED Safe Lighting Kit
  • Provides you with a large amount of light, making sure that items are easy to find
  • Motion sensor activates the lights
  • Sharp looking design not only aids and durability but looks good inside your safe
  • Requires a cord to be able to power the LED lights
  • Some report that this is extremely difficult to try to install into your safe. You may need to turn to YouTube to get some help by watching videos
#5 LOCKDOWN Cordless 75 LED Vault Light
  • Extremely easy to use and to mount inside your safe
  • All it requires is three AAA batteries
  • Gives you flexibility on where you need to mount the light should you so desire
  • Provides a lot of light
  • No motion sensor was a bit of a disappointment
  • Providing screws seems to be an unnecessary addition
#6 TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit
  • Perfect for your safe or any other location where you require an expanded amount of light
  • Built for durability and longevity
  • Very little effort required to install
  • Can be used in multiple locations around your house
  • Sensor may degrade fairly quickly
  • May require a little manicuring on your part to properly install the lighting system
#7 IllumiSafe Gun Safe Light
  • Extremely easy to install by simply connecting it using the magnet contained in the base
  • Gives you a lot of flexibility for the price
  • Can be used in almost any place in your home
  • Gives you the ability to move it in your safe if you need
  • You need to use name brand batteries to get the maximum use out of this product. Will drain batteries rather quickly regardless
#8 OxyLED Motion Sensor 20 LED Gun Safe Light
  • Built with a high quality aluminum alloy that is built to last
  • Is rechargeable saving you money and eliminating the need for a cord
  • Can be used anywhere inside your home
  • Extremely easy to install and remove
  • Very bright light gives you plenty of power for use anywhere in your home
  • USB port is not well constructed, meaning you may have to fidget with it to get it to properly recharge
  • The battery-powered does not last long

Most Frequently Asked Questions

While this review has probably answered most of the questions related to purchasing a lighting system for your gun safe, here are some others that may have crossed your mind.

Do I really need a lighting system for my safe?

If one is totally honest with you, the answer to this is no. But It is a good idea to have a lighting system for your safe, especially if you have a larger safe where you store a number of materials. However, if you have your safe in a location where it is well lit already, you may find that this is unnecessary purchase.

Is the cord better or should I get a cordless option?

This is an important question. Having a safe that uses a cord means that your power is always available to you. However, it also means that you have to drill a hole through the safe to enable the cord to be able to slide through. If you have a waterproof or fireproof safe, you are ruining that protection by adding a space where water or heat can enter your safe.

How many lumens do I need for my safe?

This is a very good question. Some of the products you have reviewed provided as much light as 2250 lumens. That is pretty bright to be honest. If your safe is in a location where it is rather dark, you may find this to be a good choice, but if it is in a spot where it is already well lit or if you have a smaller size safe than this much light can be overkill.

Would it be weird to use these lighting systems in other places in my home?

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, which means that if something works for you there’s really no reason to not use it. These lighting systems are very sophisticated and give many give you the ability to stretch them over an extended space, the perfect choice for someone who wants an under-cabinet lighting system that illuminates their countertops.

Is a motion sensor really necessary?

It is really a convenience more than anything else. It honestly doesn’t take very much for you to turn on a switch to illuminate your safe. However, you may really like the idea that the sensor will shut off your lights when there is an extended period of inactivity, saving you energy.

For whom gun safe lights are designed?

Gun safe lighting features have actually been created for most safes and almost any safe will allow you to place this on them. When you compare costs, you will notice that it is much cheaper to buy a safe and a gun safe lighting features that buying a safe with one already fitted. The reason for this is the battery quality of the built-in gun safe lighting features are much better than the separate portable lighting features, but ultimately, it will remain the choice of the gun safe owner to choose the best one for their needs.

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