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We all know the proverb, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. If you really want that helping hand in your danger, lets get the best nightstand gun safe. If you do not yet own a gun, this definitely will be a lifetime investment. The safe will provide you with multi-functional use and you will be able to mount the safe in multiple locations.

10 Best Nightstand Gun Safes on the Market!

#1 Vaultek VT10i Biometric Smart Handgun Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT10i Biometric Smart Handgun Pistol Safe Review Vaultek VT10i Biometric Smart Safe is designed to be used in any location and can even be used in a car to protect you and your firearm. The steel frame has been tested through rigorous condition and the steel has been forged at extremely high temperatures to ensure that no one can pry open your safe.

The biometric finger scanner has been made to make sure that your finger can be scanned from any direction and the software will adjust to your finger, making it easier to use with every attempt. The software and onboard computer is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last up to 3 months and will save you the cost of batteries that could break or not be of high-quality.

On the downside, you may loss control over the fingerprint scanner when the battery goes down and the safe will require you to use the override keys. This will sometimes leave you in doubt once the battery starts to deplete and it may be a good idea to keep the keys close by at every opportunity.

#2 V-Line Top Draw Security Case

V-Line Top Draw Security Case Review The safe is quite affordable and you will receive all of the necessary tools required to mount the safe upon receipt of the item. The safe can be mounted anywhere in the house and you will only need some basic mechanical tools to do this.

With this design, it will make prying even more difficult and once the safe has been mounted, the safe will become denser and center all of its mass to make it virtually impossible to move and giving you added peace of mind.

Aside from the mounting feature that will greatly benefit you, you will also be able to use the combination mechanical locking feature, no more worrying about batteries that may die or even technology that may fail you, you will be able to manage this safe with a simple combination.

We highly recommend this safe for travelers and homeowners alike. The reason we like to encourage travelers to buy the safe is that it is small and compact and can easily be moved from place to place and mounted in some of the impossible places. The safe does not require any batteries and this may be a great relief for anyone not looking to spend more money on the safe in the future.

#3 Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 Review If you are looking to mount your handgun safe to the ground, the Fort Knox Personal handgun safe is the right choice as it is quite light. This will add another dimension to the in the way of weight and ensure that no one can walk away with you safe.

You will receive a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect when purchasing the safe. This is one of the ultimate signs of confidence from the manufacturers as the safe already commands an expensive price.

We highly recommend the safe to single gun owners and men that are highly enthusiastic about safes. The safe could become the ultimate man box in your vehicle and you will definitely have peace of mind any optimal security when carrying your firearm.

#4 Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Review The safe meets the requirements set into motion from the California Department of Justice to ensure that you have a quality safe that can protect all your valuables, while still offering you fast and effective access to protect your family.

The safe, unfortunately, does not feature a backlit LED light for the keypad and this may make it harder to use during the night times, but fortunately, you will be able to purchase these separately for a very low price.

With the safe, you will also receive all the mounting hardware and the already pre-drilled holes; these should make it easier for you to determine the best spot for putting your safe and allow you the ease of mounting the safe yourself.

The safe is only available in one color and the color is black, but that should not be a problem as the design and the color makes it perfect for ensuring that no one can damage or scratch your safe. Emphasis has been put on resisting damage from possible falls and scratches.

#5 Shotlock 200 Mechanical Handgun Safe

Shotlock 200 Mechanical Handgun Safe Review The exterior has been constructed using 14 gauge steel and it has also been powder coated to show style and add another layer of endurance to the safe. The stronger than usual steel materials will ensure that no one can break the safe using common tools and only industrial tools will be able to break the safe.

Furthermore, the locking mechanism has also been constructed with steel. This will ensure that it does not accumulate any rust and that heat will take longer to melt or burn through the part of the safe that is usual considered to be the weakest.

Moreover, the safe feature 2 internal locking hooks that will need to be broken and the hinges have also been placed on the inside of the safe to ensure that the safe is 100% pry resistant.

#6 V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe

V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe Review V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe is a very stylish and the metal coating will add another layer of protection from scratches and increase the resistance that the safe has to any impact. When the safe is closed, you will notice that there are no hinges to speak off and this will ensure that the safe is pry-resistant.

The locking mechanism is very efficient and will ensure that you have quick access to all your items. No more stressing the fact that the batteries could die or be fiddling around for keys. This simple locking mechanism will make the safe much more childproof than most of its competitors.It is worth mentioning that the interior is capable of storing most handguns. If you have larger handguns it might become tricky to store some of the ammunition and you might need to consider another safe.

#7 Verifi Fast Access Biometric Smart Safe

Verifi Fast Access Biometric Smart Safe Review The safe allows for easy one-handed access and FBI officials have approved the fingerprint scanner. This will ensure that your safe never fails or lets you down in times of need. The auto-locking feature is a great addition to just quickly closing the safe without any hassle. The door will instantaneously lock without 2 high-quality steel bolts to ensure that no one can pry open your safe if you are not present.

One of the downsides may be the extreme weight of the safe. The safe weighs in at more than 30lbs and won’t be easy to move by anyone. But this could also be an advantage as children will not have the ability to move the safe and once you have the perfect place, you can easily deadbolt the safe to that location.

#8 Viking VS-25BL Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe

Viking VS-25BL Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe Review We have found the Viking Security VS-25BL Biometric Fingerprint Safe to be one of the most trusted and easy to operate safes on the list of the best biometric gun safes and it is definitely one of the best-looking safes as well. The safe will easily blend into your daily and everyday objects if you do not feel like hiding it.

The internal compartment is fitted with a laser cut carpet that will allow you to store items that may easily break and shatter. This carpet will protect your valuables if it may fall or slip.

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