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When a lot of people get serious about hunting or marksmanship they start to get themselves a number of tools that can assist them, more accurate. This can include such things as a reloading press, a series of dies, and are reloading press. The more they can do on their own the better off they feel.

One particular product that could make a significant difference in their success is a reloading workbench. This is an important piece of furniture which is often ignored because it is in a particularly exciting part of the gun enthusiasts life. But it should be.

The truth is that slapping a piece of board over two sawhorses is not going to help you to be more efficient. You need the best reloading bench, where you can store your materials, have a place to work, and be able to create your rounds without being interrupted. Just as a carpenter has a quality workbench, you need one for your reloading as well.

How to Choose the Best Reloading Bench to Buy?

Before specifically discussing particular reloading benches for you to purchase, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some key elements to think of when you are considering the bench for yourself. This will give you a little bit clearer idea of where to start:

  • How much space do you need? Space actually takes on two forms here. The first is what kind of room you have available for your workbench. You want to get something that fits perfectly within your garage, work area, or other location so that you don’t have to make all kinds of alterations to get your workbench to fit.

    Secondly, you want to consider the amount of space you want made available for you through the workbench. What kind of materials do you intend to use and store on your workbench? How much space do you need? Do you intend to use the workbench for something else? These are all the kinds of questions to ask yourself because they all relate to the amount of space you may need.

  • How Detailed Is the Bench? What this means is how do you want the workbench to look? You may find that you are looking for specific types of shelving and drawers, you want space to be able to store cases. Maybe you even want your weapons safe to be attached to the workbench. You want to workbench that fits exactly how you intend to organize your reloading location.
  • What Is the Bench Made of? You also want to consider the kind of material that the workbench will be made out of. There are several different options available to you, including such things as wood, steel, aluminum, even brick. Some are made with a combination of these materials, so you have the choice of getting a material that works best in terms of look and functionality.
  • Is Portability a Concern? Maybe you want something that allows you to be able to take with you or to be able to collapse and put away. There are workbenches that are designed to be able to neatly fold and put away, allowing you to take them out as you need them.
  • How Much Work Do You Want to Do? If you are a person who is not particularly handy with a crescent wrench and hammer, you may want workbench that comes at least partially assembled or requires a small amount of work on your part.

While cost is always an important factor when buying any product, consider that you want to get a workbench that is comfortable for you to use, that fits into the location where you intend to install it, and gives you the kind of stability you need to create accurate cartridges. This can make you a lot more efficient in the creation of your cartridges, and give you another space that’s all yours.

12 Best Reloading Benches & Stands on the Market

Now that we have looked at some keys to finding the right workbench for yourself, I wanted to spend a little time giving you some suggestions of benches that I have found to be particularly exceptional. I will not only provide you with some information on what made each one good, but if there are concerns you should have about a bench, I will be happy to tell you about them. I want this to be a comprehensive review.

#1 Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench

Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench Review My first choice was this lightweight workcenter which is not lightweight in terms of performance.Built with the patented Ultraguard stainless steel drawers, which are not only resistant to fingerprint marks but also can handle a rugged use, this provides a great storage place that is easily accessible.

The pegboard comes with 23 hooks included, allowing you to set an assortment of tools you need for your reloading or other needs. A small shelf at the top of the pegboard is perfect for storing various supplies you may have, and is a powder coated finish, giving you a great look and a durable workstation.

The workbench is 48 inches long by 24 inches wide, by 63.5 inches high, and weighs 113 pounds. It will easily fit into most locations, but gives you plenty of space to be able to work and store items you need.

I really loved that this workbench was actually ideal for multiple uses. Not only can I store my reloading equipment, but I was able to put a number of tools attached to the pegboard, so I could perform many different tasks at the workstation. The instructions on how to put together were easy to read, and I didn’t find that it took me a long period of time to put together. A fantastic workbench that really is hard to beat.

#2 BenchPro Workbench With 1″ Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin

BenchPro Workbench With 1This was a last-minute addition to my review, primarily because the material being used on the top is a fairly new product. The resin that is used is chemical resistant, meaning that you don’t have to worry about spilling gunpowder, cleaning fluids, or any other substance, as it will not be absorbed by the table. That’s a great bonus when reloading cartridges.

The table allows you to set the height between 30 and 36 inches, making it ideal for those who want to choose a height that works for them whether they are sitting or standing. The length is 48 inches and it has a depth of 24 inches, giving you plenty of space.

The treatment of this workbench also prevents issues with corrosion. In fact, the company guarantees the life of this bench for at least 25 years, and it has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds, putting it far above most others in its class. It is extremely simple to put together, taking no more than a few minutes, and is billed for you to be able to add metal shelves should you so desire.

If you are looking for a simple workbench, where you can adjust the height and feel safe when working there, this is a fantastic option.

#3 Seville Classics (UHD20271B) UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench

Seville Classics (UHD20271B) UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench ReviewIf simple and movable is what you were looking for, that I found this to be one of the best workbench is available. This is a simplistic bench that is 48 inches wide, 24.7 inches deep, and 37.4 inches high. It has a polythene urethane coated top, which is extremely durable and able to take any kind of pounding you have to offer.

The steel frame comes with a graphite finish, and there are two drawers that are made of stainless steel that come on commercial grade ball bearing sliders. This gives you plenty of space to store items that you have for reloading as well as other items you may need, and it can handle up to 500 pounds of weight placed upon it.

If you are a person who likes to do work sitting in your garage while watching TV or in another work area, then put your workbench away you will love this option. It is fantastic in the way that the wheels can handle the constant moving with heavy weight on it. I love this feature in particular, as it made it easy to sit on a stool and get work done before returning it to a corner of my garage.

The durability and look you will truly love and find this to be one of the most simplistic and easy to use workbenches.

#4 Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workcenter

Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workcenter ReviewThis is a well-designed workstation that is ideal for a person who once a functional bench that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Its dimensions are 48 inches long, by 24 inches wide, by 37.5 inches high, and offers a 48” x 24” pegboard that is perfect for storing a large number of accessories and tools. Included was a 23 count hook set, a fluorescent light and a power strip. This allowed me to not only plug-in the light to provide illumination while working at the bench, but also to attach electronic devices and tools to the bench itself using the power strip. That was extremely convenient.

The worksurface is 1.5 inches thick, which provides a great deal of durability when performing tasks, and the metal frame is powder coated, making it resistant to corrosion. I love the durability of this bench, which also came with two well constructed sliding drawers that gave me additional space to store items.

Putting it together was a snap as well. In fact, they even provided a screwdriver and wrench making it really easy to put this together. I really love that it wasn’t some dinky screwdriver either. This was a full size screwdriver and the ranch insured that there was no task I couldn’t perform.

Once I started working at the desk, I had no issues with stability or durability. I was even using a progressive press on the bench for quite a while, pumping out rounds, without any issue of accuracy developing. Truly a great piece of craftsmanship.

#5 Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench

Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench ReviewIf you are looking for an area to do work, then this is the ideal choice for you. This is a 48” x 24” table that is able to support up to 1000 pounds. What I loved about it is that you are able to adjust the height from 28.5 inches to 42.0 inches with the easy to use screw in locking knobs. This made it so that with a few easy turns on each leg I was able to get the ideal height for whether I wanted to stand and do work or sit at a stool or chair and do some tasks.

There is no storage space on this, which is fine considering it is not designed for that. This is a table that specifically comes to provide you with a durable table to do work on, while not taking up a huge amount of space. It’s really perfect for any kind of location, including for office or home.

The tabletop is made of a heavy-duty Wood surface, that is scratch resistant. The steel frame is protected by a powder coating, and the feet, with large rubber padded knobs that ensure you don’t scratch services but still remain stable. I especially like that when I was using a press I had no worries about the table shifting.

#6 Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench

Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench ReviewThis Stack-On workbench is appropriately named, as it comes with two large steel shelves and an extremely durable tabletop that make this look as much like a bookshelf as it is a workstation. There are steel pegboards included that go underneath the workstation, allowing you to attach your accessories, tools, and other supplies while you work.

This table assembles in minutes, giving those who are not particularly good at do-it-yourself projects the ability to still create the bench. It is 48 inches in length, 20 inches in depth, and 36 inches in height.

This is the perfect workbench for any location, including your garage, shop, or even inside your home. It looks good, and comes with a rugged steel construction that provides strength and stability while creating your cartridges. The shelving space even allows you to put bins on the shelves to make your storage space fit your needs.

#7 Windsor Design Workbench with 4 Drawers

Windsor Design Workbench ReviewSome had some complaints about this particular workstation, but I found this to be one of the most uniquely designed and well constructed. Most of the negative start with the fact that it is made almost entirely of wood, meaning that is durability and longevity may be compromised in comparison to some other models.

However, the station offers you a lot of perks that you were really like. First of all, it comes with four large sized drawers that give you plenty of space to be able to store your tools and supplies. It is nearly 60 inches in length, nearly 22 inches in width and the tabletop service is seven inches. That gives you a durable surface that can withstand a heavy load.

Each individual drawer can handle up to 25 pounds of weight, and the entire weight capacity on the table is 250 pounds. Plus, there is a shelf underneath for you to place your press or to allow you to have more than one press and have a location to store it easily.

What you may like about this bench is that it affords you the opportunity to customize it to fit your needs. If you want to raise or lower the workstation, it is easy to do, and you can change the way the drawers or shelf up look on the workstation. That was definitely a nice touch. I also like the fact that it came with the ability to raise or lower the tabletop to fit my needs.

#8 Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet

Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet ReviewThis is the perfect kind of table for a person who is looking for a lot of space that can be used in a variety of ways. It starts with the fact that this table is 47” x 23” x 41”. There’s a shelf underneath, as well as two drawers that are well constructed and offer additional space for you. Plus, a pegboard is included to allow you to hook tools and accessories.

Over the work area is a light that provides you with greater vision while working. There is also an additional outlet you could plug in electronics or devices you need to use at your workstation. The drawer slide easily in and out of the tray area, and give you plenty of extra space to put supplies and items you may need.

The workstation is made of a strong metal, making it durable and able to withstand heavy load. It honestly does take some time to get together, however. This is not the easiest workbench to assemble and there were quite a few extra screws and washers which made me feel like I’m had missed something. The table surface is durable, and coated to be scratch resistant. Overall a great purchase.

#9 2×4 Basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System

90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System ReviewI have shown you some rather simple looking benches, but this is one that is a really sensational looking model, that offers you a great deal of shelf space. This is a customizable workstation that can have a length of anywhere from 4 to 8 feet depending upon how you want this workstation to look. You could four workbench legs, six different shelving units, and all the hardware that you could need to be able to connect the table as you desire.

The bracket kits are made of a durable steel, ensuring that you were able to lock the shelves in place, and you will love how you can redesign this table. Some may want to simplistic table that is nothing more than a bottom shelf and table work area, or you can include three different additional shelves of various sizes to be able to get more storage space.

The lumber is made of a durable wood, which can handle the heavy workload and it comes with a coating that resists scratching. The feet of this table is built to hold the table in place without causing it to scratch the floor. Plus, you can attach a pegboard that allows you to hold additional accessories. This needs to be purchased separately, however.

#10 Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand ReviewLooking for a great portable table that’s easy to put away and take with you if you need? This was the very best that I found. Don’t take that as any kind of disparaging remark either. This Frankford bench is a fantastic workstation that will enable you to do work no matter where you want to do it.

The table is 28.5 inches in length but could get as big as 45 . This is done by adding one or two side pieces that allow you to extend the length of the table to suit your needs. It is 13 inches in width.

Included are two small bands that you can place items in that you need to use during the reloading process. The frame is made of a 1.5 inch durable steel, which helps to keep the table firmly in place. This also comes with a folding stand that allows you to be able to shift the table up or down while keeping it firmly locked in place.

In terms of simplicity, you are not going to find a table much better than this. It is ideal for those who like to do their reloading in a number of different locations, especially if they’re out at the range.

#11 Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench

Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench ReviewIf a great design but not a sharp look is what you are looking for, then this is the workbench for you. This is what somebody would think of as the prototypical workbench, as it comes with a shelf underneath, a large drawer under the tabletop, a shelf on top, and a pegboard that enables you to be able to attach your tools and accessories.

This workbench is built to be able to handle up to 300 pounds as his weight capacity and the solid steel frame is built to make the bench both stable and durable. The worksurface can handle heavy loads. Included in the kit are 18 hooks that you can use in the pegboard.

The dimensions to this table are nearly 48 inches in length, almost 24 inches in width, and 60 inches in height from the floor to the top of the back shelf. The worktop area itself is 36 inches in height, making it easy and comfortable to work. There is also a large shelf underneath, where you can place a variety of tools and cases.

It is a well constructed, lightweight workbench which takes a minimal amount of time to put together, and is easy for a person of any level of expertise in building these kinds of projects.

#12 LEE PRECISION 90688, Reloading Stand

LEE PRECISION 90688, Reloading Stand Review If you are looking for a stand that is specifically designed for reloading, then this Lee Precision model is exactly what you are looking for. This is specifically built so that you can attach your reloading press easily, and have a durable stand to hold it in place while creating your rounds.

Included in the kit is a bench plate, which comes with two sets of extra plates that enable you to mount and store accessories. You get a concrete block holder which helps to maintain the stability of the bench, and each leg has eight holes that have been predrilled to make mounting accessories easy to do. The accessories must be purchased separately, but enable you to add greater functionality if you so choose to do so.

The workbench is 39 inches tall, 24 inches in length, and 26 inches wide and weighs no more than 19 pounds. This despite being made of a combination of steel and wood that make it an incredibly durable workbench. Perfect for reloading any kind of round or using any kind of press, as it is built to specifically attach the press in place so you get plenty of space to work, and a durable bench to work with.

Comparison Chart

Reloading BenchProsCons
#1 Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench
  • Durable construction and great design
  • Bill to provide you with fantastic amount of storage capacity
  • Drawers are built with stainless steel
  • Solid build makes it stable making use with the press easy
  • Great look and polished to perfection
  • The overhead light can be a little intrusive, almost overwhelming. Requires much smaller wattage bulb
  • Really no other complaints about this workbench
#2 BenchPro Workbench With 1″ Chemical Resistant Phenolic Resin
  • Chemical coating ensures that you can safely work with chemicals and gunpowder without them being absorbed by the table
  • Scratch resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to assemble and durable
  • Can handle large capacity loads
  • Packaged extremely well for shipment
  • This is just a standard bench with no perks to it
  • The frame is lightweight, meaning it may wobble at times
#3 Seville Classics (UHD20271B) UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench
  • Able to handle up to 500 pounds of weight and still move easily
  • Easy to store in a corner and use as needed
  • Two sliding drawers that are durable
  • 1.5 inch butcher block top came coated to ensure that the top remain protected
  • Not much storage capacity available
  • One of the wheels did have a little shimmy at first, but a washer fixed that up
#4 Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workcenter
  • Great deign that offers you a lot of storage space and areas to hang accessories
  • Well constructed and built for durability
  • Fluorescent light and power strip are a great touch
  • Easy to put together yet still offering sturdy design
  • Some have had issue during shipment with bending of the top shelving panels
  • Could use a better power strip
#5 Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench
  • Great design that makes it ideal for use in any kind of location
  • Adjustable height settings allows you to do work while standing or sitting
  • Tabletop made of a thick and durable wood that is resistant to scratches
  • Easy to construct and looks great
  • Provides feet that will not scratch surfaces
  • Does not provide you with any fringe benefits, such as shelving or drawers
  • The legs could be a little bigger in size for the amount of weight that it handles
#6 Stack-On SO-382B Heavy Duty Steel Workbench
  • Sharp looking workbench that offers you great storage base
  • Easy to construct, taking just a few minutes to put together
  • Very utilitarian in look, meaning you could use it for a variety of uses
  • Strong tabletop, ensuring that you could do all kinds of work without causing damage
  • Some have reported having issues with the durability of the steel framing, complaining it bent on occasion
  • A lot of screws require some extra time to figure out where they all go
#7 Windsor Design Workbench with 4 Drawers
  • Great looking table made of a quality would
  • Plenty of storage space in the table, and you can customize to fit your needs
  • Allows you to adjust height
  • Assembly is actually pretty easy, especially if you decide to go with the base look
  • If you live in an area where is extremely hot, you may have issues with the wood cracking
  • Some reported difficulty in putting the drawers together and getting them to fit as directed
  • Weight capacity only 250 pounds
#8 Multipurpose Workbench with Lighting and Outlet
  • A great workstation that offers you a lot of space for storage and containment
  • Provides a quality light and outlet
  • Pegboard is 30 and comes with a large number of holes to place a number of different tools
  • Good top surface to do work on
  • Not package particularly well, as some items may come scratched or bent
  • Holes came slightly off-center from where screws needed to go through
  • Often sent with extra screws and washers
#9 2×4 Basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System
  • Provides a durable construction that enables you to customize the table to fit your needs
  • Plenty of shelf space making your ability to work more efficient
  • Easy to create a level and durable bench that enables your ability to create rounds easy and accurate
  • Great-looking material used as well, making this a bench you will be proud you put up
  • Built so it will not scratch to the floor
  • A little complicated to try to construct
  • It would be better if slots were created to attach lights
  • Additional accessories have to be purchased separately
#10 Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Reloading Stand
  • Allows you to attach any kind of press easily using clamps
  • Portability allows you to use it anywhere
  • Bins allow you to easily work while keeping your accessories nearby
  • Fantastic design that allows you to change the height and extend the length as needed
  • Needs to be placed up against a wall or other stable location to get maximum stability
  • Really could use a leveling system
#11 Goplus Steel Workbench Tool Storage Work Bench
  • Quality workbench that offers you a lot of space to store and organize items
  • Great customer service and assistance should you have issues
  • Plenty of space for storage
  • Can handle up to 300 pounds as his weight capacity
  • Perfect for any kind of use
  • Uses special sized hooks in the pegboard, which may not always be easy to find
  • Great for light duty, but not for heavy workload
#12 LEE PRECISION 90688, Reloading Stand
  • Perfect for those with a limited amount of space
  • Fantastic for loading any kind of round
  • Additional accessories can be attached to the bench to give greater functionality
  • Takes just a few minutes to put together
  • To fully get the most out of the workstation you have to purchase additional accessories
  • Really needed longer screws for installing the press
  • The height is below 39 inches, which means that you likely have to sit to use

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked questions when people talk to me about weapons and reloading, so here are some of the more common questions that I receive.

How much does a reloading bench cost?

It really is dependent upon which product you are talking about. You could spend under hundred dollars and still get a quality workbench, even some in this list cost less than that. The more expensive models could reach his highest $500 or above. The most expensive model on this list was just under $500 while the least expensive was about $80.

Does a reloading bench need a lot of space?

Most of the benches we saw here were about 48 inches in length and about 24 inches in width. Some were larger. Some allowed you the ability to create a larger length if you so desired. What you will find is most easily fit into the same space that your average dresser would take.

What height should a reloading bench be?

This is really dependent upon one factor - whether you intend to sit or stand while you work. If you are sitting in a chair or stool, then you may want to look at something that is between 30 and 36 inches tall. If you are intending to stand, you are likely meaning something between 36 inches and 40 inches. If you find that you are likely to be switching from one position to another, the adjustable workbench may be the right pick for you.

What is the best material for a reloading bench?

There really isn’t a material that is better than others. The important thing for you is that you get a material that can take up pounding and still keep on going. It should be scratch resistant, be firm when positioned, and hold in place win using your press. Most of the best reloading benches use some form of stainless steel, but don’t believe that a wood or other type of metal option can’t be just as good.

How do I know my reloading press fits the workbench?

This is an interesting question. Most people will screw holes drew their workbench to attach the press in place. In this case, it doesn’t matter how the press is designed, because you are creating the space where it will be attached. There are some benches with specific slots that are intended to place your press and you will have to see if the workbench works with the kind of press you have.

How reloading benches are special from ordinary workbenches?

For the most part, they are not. You can still get the same kind of quality with any other kind of workbench in terms of pegboards, shelving, and stability. Where you are going to find the big difference is in the tabletop itself. hat you will find is that the top you need for reloading is different from what you would use for a standard workbench, primarily because of the materials you are using. You can’t afford to have gunpowder, cleaning fluids, or other residue soak into your table. This would be extremely dangerous. So, it is the coating that is the big difference.

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