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If you are a person who uses your rifle on a regular basis, you are likely aware that the reloading die is one of the most important components no matter what caliber a weapon you are using. Reloading die helps to ensure that you are reloading the grass in a precise and reliable manner so that the reloading process occurs in a more precise and reliable way.

While this sounds great to the avid marksman, the truth is that a new person to the hunting or target shooting world may be a little intimidated at this point. They may have minimal knowledge of what the reloading die does, and how choosing the right brand or model can actually make you much more effective with your weapon.

If you are a person who spends a lot of time out on the range or hunting as I do, you are probably well aware that creating your own ammunition and being able to do so accurately and efficiently is a necessity. Hopefully this review will be able to give you the kind of information you need to get the perfect die set kit for yourself. There’s no doubt that you want the very best reloading dies for accuracy, and this review will hopefully give you the information you need.

How to Make the Right Choice?

Before telling you about the best reloading dies for accuracy that you can purchase, I wanted to tell you about what I considered to be the most important features of a reloading die set. So here are five quick ones for you:

  • What kind of die set do you need?
    This depends completely on the kind of case, as you may need a three die set option if you’re using a straight case.
  • Do you need a special crimping die to properly seat the bullet?
    This may be present in the set you are purchasing, so be aware of the need for this die if the caliber weapon you are using requires it.
  • Do you need a specialty die?
    There are different specialty dies out there, including the bump die which aids in chambering the bullet, the hand die, which is operated by hand, among others.
  • What kind of material is the die made of?
    Most standardize that you will purchase are made of a hardened steel, but that is not always the case. There are carbide dies, which contain a ring of tungsten carbide as one example. Knowing this is important, because this will determine if you need lubricants or not.
  • Will you need lubricants?
    While this is usually determined by the kind of material create the die, you may find that there are other reasons why a lubricant would be necessary. If you don’t want the extra expense, you may want to look at using a type of die that does not require it

12 Best Reloading Dies on the Market

Now that you have a clear idea of what the reloading dies used for and some of the key features of a set to look for, giving you some of the best options available is our next step. As mentioned, I did a lot of research before deciding to write this review. I wanted to make sure that the information I was providing was accurate and worthwhile, so I will give you a little information about some of the best reloading dies for six different kinds of caliber weapons, but also I’ll give you a couple of different dies for each. That way, you have a clear choice.

#1 Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set – Best Reloading Dies for 9MM

Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set Review This is a great four-die set that is perfect for reloading ammunition accurately. Each kit is made with a carbide full-length sizing die and including a decapping unit, as well as an expanding die, a bullet seating die, and the patented Lee carbide crimp die. Also included in the package are the appropriate sized shell holders, a powder dipper, and a flat 4-die plastic container.

You will like that this carbide die set does not require any lubricant at all, saving you some money while still providing you with an accurate shot every time. This is the kind of die that you can use right out of the box, being able to accurately reload and fire with no challenges. Even the inexperienced user will find this to be the ideal choice for them.

Lee has long established itself as a premium brand in regards to reloading die sets. This is no exception. It is easy to use, works extremely well for both beginners and experienced rifleman, and the additional die pieces make this one of the best sets on the market for any caliber. Lee Deluxe Carbide Die Set is clearly a great choice for any rifleman, especially considering the durability that you receive.

#2 LEE PRECISION 9-mm Luger Carbide 3-Die Set

LEE PRECISION 9-mm Luger Carbide 3-Die Set Review Lee is the premium brand in terms of reloading die kits, and this is another great example. This three-piece set is perfect for 9 mm sets that provide you with the necessary tools to create and load your rounds.

It is the perfect die kit for those using the 9 mm Luger ammunition. The design is made to last and is extremely durable, made of carbide to eliminate the need for lubricant. There is a universal shell holder and powder dipper that comes with the set.

As with most Lee products, you get a detailed instructional manual that not only explains how to load and prepare for use, but makes it easy for a person of any level of understanding related to firearms. The kit comes in a well-designed box that makes it easy to store and keep secure. In fact, part of the design is to keep the container airtight to extend the life of the die set.

The functioning is flawless even after hundreds of uses. One of the best purchases that you could make, especially when it comes at an affordable price.

#3 Lee Precision 223 Remington Ultimate Rifle Die Set – Best 223 Reloading Dies Set

Lee Precision 223 Rem Rifle Die Set Review If you are looking for the perfect die set for reloading 223 Remington rounds, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. This is a complete set, which not only comes with what shell holder and a powder measure, but it also contains the patented Lee load data feature which makes it easy to follow.

The collet next sizing helps to provide the best possible accuracy with every shot. There is an easy to adjust dad length bullet seating which makes the placement of the bullet seating as easy as it gets. You will love that the factory crimp die make securing the crimp on the bullets a snap, and you are able to do so without a crimp groove.

You were going to find that this option provides the highest accuracy because of the uniform amount of start pressure that each cartridge receives. You get incredible accuracy with fantastic dependability making this the perfect option for any person looking to create high-quality Remington rounds.

This three die set is extremely easy to use and provides great durability so you know it will last for years to come. This is a complete kit that removes your need for any other. It is cheaper and simply the best you will find on the market for this grade of round.

#4 Hornady 546228 DIE SET 2 223 REM Remington Custom Grade Reloading DIE Set

Hornady 546228 223 REM Reloading DIE Set Review While it is usually Lee that becomes the brand that everyone is talking about, I found this Hornady option to be one you can’t miss. The locking retainer spring make disassembly easy, meaning that this is one of the easiest dye sets to be able to clean. However, the locking screws stay free from the threads, meaning that there is not any intrusion upon the accuracy of the firing mechanism.

This is made of an all steel construction and is guaranteed to never scratch. Before the kit is mailed, every die piece is hand inspected to ensure that the protective coat is applied, that it properly connects, and works as designed. This has helped to create one of the most efficient reloading die kits that you will find for any caliber of round.

Each kit comes in a box container that makes the storage of the dies easy and convenient. A wrench flat is located in the kit which makes adjustments of the dies easy, while eliminating any concern for damage. The solid one-piece rod is guaranteed to not bend or break and the hardened steel D Pin will not bend, crack, or break, even when used in conjunction with the depriming primer pockets.

This is an easy to use two die set which far exceeds that of most of the more expensive brands in this caliber. It is well worth the investment and will be a kit you could use for years to come.

#5 RCBS FL Die Set (.300 Win Mag) – Best Reloading Dies for 300 Win Mag

RCBS FL 300 Win Mag Die Set Review This RCBS die set is made using the same kind of quality materials and engineering that you would find with any other product from this maker, and is the perfect kit for those who are hunters. Made from hardened steel, it is drilled and reamed to give you the greatest amount of precision as to ensure that the standards are the same in every case, giving you one of the finest dying mechanisms you will find.

This die kit contains the RCBS designed adjustable hex lock, which utilizes the hex headset screws to bring about an easy and efficient way of reloading. The steel is hardened to keep it sharp and intact, plus it is hand polished to give it a great look. You’re going to get an accurate shot every time, as this is one of the most well designed and durable die kits you will find.

While there have not been many issues with this die kit, you can be sure that you were going to get great customer service from RCBS should you have issues. This is a great kit that you will get years of use out of and can have confidence in the guarantee that it provides. You also like that the bottleneck cases contain vents that prevent case damage.

#6 Hornady 546352 Series I 2-Die Set, 300 Winchester Magnum

Hornady 546352 Hornady 546352 Series I 300 Winchester Magnum Die Set Review
This die set is made with all steel construction, ensuring that there is great durability as well as longevity to the set. Each piece is hand inspected and the steel is heat-treated to make sure that it provides a lifetime of reloading.

Before assembly, each piece is carefully inspected to ensure that the protective coating is applied and that moisture will not damage the set during shipping. This is helped to create one of the most durable and highly sought after reloading die set available on the market today.

The design of the elliptical expander ensures that there is a decreased amount of friction. The in-line seating system ensures that every bullet is seated properly and the sliding sleeve vertically elides each bullet with the case neck as it enters the die body so that seating is absolutely perfect. This will make sure that you get accurate shot every single time while also making it quick and easy to reload.

The expander spindle has been improved to provide enhanced accuracy while also providing a smoother operation. The solid, one-piece rod guarantees that it will not bend or break and the hardened steel pen will also not bend, crack, or break. This set was specifically designed to provide for greater longevity and accuracy.

#7 RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set – Best Reloading Dies for 300 Blackout

RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set Review This RCBS kit is another example of a die set that is built with the very best grade of materials. It is ideal for those who like to hunt and need to reload quickly. The steel case undergoes a hardening process that makes this die set so that it is built to last while still providing accuracy, giving you the greatest ability to use this die set for years to come.

It has been properly hardened and hand polished, giving you the greatest amount of accuracy while also making it easy to reload. It contains large, adjustable hex lock rings which make connecting the die set for use as easy as a few twists. This makes the connection stable and helps to keep the die properly maintained. This is a die kit that was specifically created to give incredible quality and efficiency when reloading.

The inside surfaces are perfect every time, thanks to the design process which makes sure that the accuracy is upheld in every case. The full-sized dies for bottleneck cases provide vents that prevent any case damage from occurring from the air that is trapped or from excessive lubricant. Plus, the headspace is held using minimum tolerances to ensure that there are no changes in the case body length during the full-length sizing. Included is the seater die which have a built-in roll or taper crimper for the specific caliber you are using.

Fantastic quality reloading die kit that ensures that you get the long-lasting kit that will provide great performance for 10 years or longer. One of my absolute favorite choices.

#8 LEE PRECISION 300 AAC Blackout Very Limited Production 3-Die

LEE PRECISION 300 AAC Blackout 3-Die Review This is a limited production set by Lee, which includes the full-length sizing die, as well as an easily adjustable dead link bullet seating die, a factory crimp die, a powder dipper, a universal shell holder, plus to follow instruction and load data manual. Everything you could need to get the best performance out of your die set is provided here.

This is another die set that I found particularly appealing. It starts with the fact that it is extremely easy to use. While I could easily follow the manual, I was also able to find great YouTube videos that help to make the setup process even easier.

The seating die works perfectly each time, ensuring that you’re getting consistent results, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to follow. The crimping die come separately, helping you to save time and get better performance. Also, because this is contained within the kit you save a little bit of money.

Every piece of brass came out identical, which made it clear that this is a performance kit. Great for those who are looking to reform brass. Dies are durable and built to last. The mandrels are a superior design from that of other brands of this caliber.

#9 Redding Deluxe Die Set 308 Winchester – Best 308 Reloading Dies Set

Redding Deluxe 308 Winchester Die Set Review If you are looking for a great reloading kit to use with the Winchester 308, this is the kit you’re looking for. It starts by coming in a fantastically designed case, which makes it easy to store and also provides you with easy to hold chambers for created rounds. This is an added touch that you will really like, making storage a snap.

The set comes with a full-length sizing die, a next sizing die, and a bullet seating die. The finest alloy are used to create this die kit, and they are machined using our patented precision lathing system that guarantees that you get the best quality kit with every purchase. I was impressed with how well this set maintained tolerances and they guarantee that the dies will last a lifetime. This occurs because they are heat-treated in an atmospheric controlled furnace which ensures that you get a die set that is built to last.

Included in the kit is a spare decapping pen, a hex wrench, and there is room for you to shell holder. You simply can’t go wrong with this choice, as you will get reliable ammunition produced time after time. Redding is quickly establishing themselves as the best company for quality die kits.

#10 RCBS FL Die Set (.308 Win)

RCBS FL 308 Win Die Set Review This is another great RCBS kit made of the highest quality material, and providing a case hardened steel. This is another great die kit that avid hunters use, as it allows for easy loading around and accurate precision. The die set is precision drilled and reamed, to give you the exact same standards with each use.

Included in the kit is a full-length sizer die, perfect for bottleneck cases and contains vents to ensure that damage to the case does not occur due to moisture or air buildup. Each die set piece is hardened to perfection and is then polished to ensure optimal performance, and you get the RCBS designed hex head set, which makes locking the hex ring in place as easy as screwing the cap back on a soda bottle, but with the perfect amount of tension and grip. Here’s a quick video from RCBS on how they make their reloading dies:

This kid is built to give you full-length resizing and can be used in both autoloaders and in pump action rifles. While the option to crimp is available, will find that it is unnecessary with many rounds that you look to resize. His functionality is truly spectacular.

If you are looking for a quality die set for this particular caliber of Winchester or similar rifle, but are also looking for one that is a little more within your budget.

Comparison Chart

Reloading DIesProsCons
#1 Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set
  • Made with carbide so no need for lubricant.
  • Easy to use and accurate with each use, and it works in a variety of weapons.
  • Fantastic durable design that comes at a price that’s affordable.
  • Additional die pieces, including crimp make this a great choice.
  • Packaging is sloppy and not really worthy of the Lee name.
  • There is a minor amount of drift some customers report.
#2 LEE PRECISION 9-mm Luger Carbide 3-Die Set
  • A fantastic die kit that is durable, easy to use, and efficient.
  • Easy to follow instructions and load data sheet.
  • Kit is neatly packaged and comes with accessories that make it the ideal choice.
  • Made of carbide to remove the need for lubricant.
  • Arrives looking like it may have just come out of the tumbler as small pieces of plastic were inside the box.
  • Does not come with the factory crimp die.
  • Some have found that it does not decap properly.
#3 Lee Precision Reloading 223 Remington Ultimate Rifle Die Set
  • Easy to use kit even for beginners
  • Durability makes this a kit that could last for a decade or more
  • Easy to return dies to factory dimensions if so desire
  • The crimp die makes securing the crimp on bullets extremely easy
  • The decapping pin can be pressed out if not seated properly
  • Some consumers complain that the brass does not properly feed into the press
  • Customer service to answer questions is lacking
#4 Hornady 546228 DIE SET 2 223 REM Remington Custom Grade Reloading DIE Set
  • Pieces guaranteed to not bend, break, or crack
  • Provides incredible accuracy and ease of use
  • The hate treated steel comes guaranteed to give you a lifetime of reloading
  • Provides perfect alignment through the bullet seater to give you fantastic accuracy with each shot
  • Requires a lubricant for effective use
  • Setting using the crimp can be a little complicated and may require you to watch YouTube videos
  • The Hornady name will deter some from buying this product, even though it should not
#5 RCBS FL Die Set (.300 Win Mag)
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Ideal for those looking for hunting reloading dies
  • Precision drilled and reamed to ensure that you get accurate shots each time
  • Built to reduce the possibility of damage occurring
  • Easy to follow instructions, even for beginners
  • Setscrews for the caller don’t hold tightly when removing the die from the press
  • Decapping pin can become bent when brass is already deprimed
#6 Hornady 546352 Series I 2-Die Set, 300 Winchester Magnum
  • Made with incredible precision for ease of use and accuracy
  • Affordable price, an incredible bargain for the exceptional quality
  • The locking rings ensure that there is greater accuracy and durability
  • You are able to upgrade the bullet seating die by use of a micrometer kit
  • The ideal kit for users of all levels, including beginners
  • While still offered at an affordable price, is a bit more expensive than comparable brands
  • Not a well-recognized brand
  • Requires lube to be able to operate
#7 RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set
  • Made of the highest quality materials, and polished and hardened for great performance
  • Designed and created to give you the exact same performance with every use
  • The set screw locks to make repeatable positions
  • Round seating properly occurs with every load
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Some have found that original shipments came with broken pins which needed to be replaced
  • It would be better if the set bullet depth was longer
#8 LEE PRECISION 300 AAC Blackout Very Limited Production 3-Die
  • Includes multiple pieces with the set, including the universal shell holder and instructions and load data manual
  • Easy to use and great for beginners
  • The deprimer/sizer is one of the most highly regarded by consumers
  • Addition of the factory crimper saves money and provides a universal tool
  • Some founded difficult to feed brass correctly into the chamber
  • Many consumers use parts from other kits to make the die kit more efficient
  • Some have found the need to reduce the size shell holder to have greater accuracy
#9 Redding Reloading Deluxe Die Set 308 Winchester
  • Fantastic storage case gives you the ability to store the die kit, accessories, and shells
  • The kit is built to last, making it so that you would not be surprised if you were still using it a generation from now
  • Comes with several additional dies, including an expander, full-length sizing, neck, and bullet seating
  • The price may be a concern for some but well worth it considering the quality
  • No other negative about this
#10 RCBS FL Die Set (.308 Win)
  • Built with the highest quality materials to give you exceptional performance and longevity
  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners and seasoned hunters
  • Perfect in both autoloaders and pump action rifles
  • RCBS produces some of the best quality die sets you can find
  • The seating die will leave rings in compressed loads
  • Some had issues with it lasting no more than 100 rounds and were required to use the warranty right away
  • Primer extractor pin is known to bend

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need a reloading dies?

Reloading dies allow you to be able to create your own ammunition and ensure that it properly loads into the weapon without losing accuracy or efficiency. This will not only provide you with a big cost savings but gives you a fun way to be more in control when out hunting or taking target practice. It also ensures that you get the same quality ground each time, because of your ability to control the manufacturing process.

What Do Reloading Dies Do?

Reloading dies are typically sold in sets of either two or three guys. The three die set is normally used for straight cases, while the two die set is used for bottlenecked cases. The first die in the set is used for the sizing and decapping operation. The middle die, when you were talking about a three die set, expands the mouth of the straight case. In a two die set this would not be present. The last die is used set the bullet in the seat.

How do reloading dies work?

The reloading die is really a simple process. After cleaning the brass cartridges, which is always a good idea to do, the die set allows you to resize the cartridge case to fit the chamber of your gun as needed. The pressure on the bullet caused by the weapon because the brass to shrink, meaning that you need to do a resizing he able to get the brass back to its original size.

This is where each piece of the die kit comes into play. There will be a part that will specifically work with the neck, to include the case mouth. You are able to reopen the case, properly reshape the case, and prepare it for filling with ammunition all on your own.

Some die kits come with a tool that allows you to seek the bullet so that the case mouth is at its proper depth. Others come with a crimping die that evens and removes the bell. All of these play a part in ensuring that you get the round you need for your weapon and this is why there are specific ammunition die kits for different round sizes.

Carbide vs Steel Reloading Dies – What’s the difference?

The primary difference between these two is related to the need for lubricant. Carbide are a little bit more durable in the sense that they last longer than your standard steel reloading dies. Part of the reason that they had become so popular, beyond longevity, is the fact that a lubricant is not required. This is a saving to consumers.

The steel options are still outstanding in terms of quality. Many manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on their steel die sets because of the quality in terms of design and development. However, lubricants are needed for use, adding cost.

How to tell if you have steel or carbide dies?

The truth is that there is really not a significant difference between the two. Both you steel on the outside of the body, but in the carbide option, there is a carbide insert that you can visibly see. This is not present in the steel die options, making it easy to be able to detect. You will easily see this as a ring at the mouth of the die. It is slightly darker than the rest of the sleeve.

What are the basic types of Reloading Dies?

To understand the differences between the types of reloading dies there are really two main categories to begin with. The first starts with whether you are talking about a two, three, four, or Collett die set. The names tell you a lot about each of the sets, as the two, three, or four pieces come with a specific number of pieces necessary for you to be able to develop and properly load the round you need for your weapon.

It should be noted that the more I pieces that are necessary, the greater the precision you were going to have. However, these sets are a little more expensive and require greater time on your part to develop rounds and properly seat them within the weapon.

The three guys set, as an example, allows for full-length sizing and includes the full-length sizing die, a bullet seating die, a factory crimp die, plus additional accessories. However, these three pieces make up the base of the kit. The two-piece die set does not come with a factory crimp die.

The Collett die set is used to create the absolute best accuracy in terms of the round that you are creating to go in the gun chamber. In fact, no other type of die set is able to create a more accurate round then this particular set.

Your next type of reloading die category to look at is whether you are talking about carbide or steel. When using a steel die set, it requires that a lubricant be used, otherwise, damage may occur to the die set. This is not true of the carbide set, which provides a natural lubricant of its own.

Who makes the best reloading dies?

The two brands that stand out the most are Lee and RCBS. They have become the standard with many who create their own rounds, but it is not limited to these particular brands. As I have shown you in this review, Hornady and Redding also produce spectacular die kits that are fantastic. In fact, the Redding option I provided for the 308 Reloading Dies Set may be the best ammunition reloading kit of all.

These are the kind of names that you can count on to provide you with quality die sets no matter which caliber round you are talking about. However, don’t get locked into the brand name. Look around to see what consumers are saying about each particular kit, which is one of the things that I did in producing this review. I wanted to give you the very best, and that was not always the top one or two brands that consumers are used to.

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