12 Best Shooting Vest Reviews 2019

Any person who spends a large amount of time out hunting or shooting at the range will find that shooting vest is an ideal accessory for them. It gives you the perfect storage compartment to carry important accessories you need while you are out at the range or out in the field, plus giving you a comfortable garment that is functional and easy to wear.

The truth is that most gun enthusiasts own one of these shooting vests because of what a great accessory it is. With the ability to hold magazines, cartridges, and spent rounds, as well as provide you with additional protection against recoil, this could be the very product you need to get for yourself.

Buyer’s Guide: What Makes a Great Shooting Vest?

When making the right choice of a shooting vest for you, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some that will help you to make a good decision.

  • Handed. While many vests are made to be and be dexterous, there are some that are specifically designed for either right-handed or left-handed shooters. This may be a deterrent for you, depending upon which handed is your dominant position when firing.
  • Breathability. How well the vest breathes when you’re wearing it is important as well. If you are going to be wearing this product out during hot days it may be extremely uncomfortable to wear after a while. You may find yourself taking it off, which defeats the purpose in getting it in the first place. This is why you want something that is made with a mesh or similar material that will help you to be more comfortable when wearing it.
  • Weight. Weight is obviously another important factor. The heavier the vast, the more difficult it is going to be for you to where. Finding one that is lightweight may work better for you. But you also have to consider the fact that it may also require you to wear a jacket to go along with your vest. If you do a lot of winter hunting or during the time of the year when it starts to get cooler, you may be wanting a vest that is a little thicker.
  • Fit. Fit is important as well. There are a number of vests you will see that come with adjustable tabs or straps that make it so that you can feel more comfortable when wearing the product.
  • Storage. If you think about it, the primary purpose for getting one of these vests is so that you can have easier access to rounds, cartridges, and magazines. You may even want a place where you can store your spent cartridges. Some prefer a large number or a large amount of storage space.
  • Durability. If you are a person who is going to be going through some rough terrain, durability is important. You don’t want your vest to become torn or tattered, and you want one that you can enjoy using for at least a few years.

12 Best Rated Shooting Vests on the Market!

PreviewShooting VestRatingPrice
Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest#1 Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest
Browning Trapper Creek Vest#2 Browning Trapper Creek Vest
Beretta Men's Mole Shooting Vest#3 Beretta Men’s Mole Shooting Vest
Browning Men's Summit Vest#4 Browning Men’s Summit Vest
Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest#5 Bob-Allen Shooting Vest
Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest#6 Champion Shooting Gear Trap Vest
Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Blue#7 Browning Ace Shooting Vest-Blue
Challenger Shooting Vest#8 Challenger Shooting Vest
Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest#9 Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest
Allen Ace Shooting Vest#10 Allen Ace Shooting Vest
Beretta Women's Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest#11 Beretta Women’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest
Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest#12 Xhunter Clay Target Pigeon Shooting Vest

#1 Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest

Wild Hare Shooting Gear Heatwave Mesh Vest Review

Editor Favorits
  • The vest is lightweight and is made to reduce moisture against your body
  • It gives you a great deal of flexibility of movement
  • Allows you to adjust the vest to fit your size and shape, as well as your comfort level
  • Roomy pockets on the front and back
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for a person of any size
  • It takes a little getting used to figuring out how to adjust the vest
  • No other real complaints
There are a number of reasons why this is a sensational vest. It starts with the protective features that it adds to make your time out on the range or out hunting a lot more enjoyable and comfortable. There are protective pads that are included in each shoulder that protects from the recoil. These pads can be altered to be placed on either your left or your right shoulder depending upon how you fire.

The vest is flexible and expandable, using tabs to allow it to fit more comfortably around you if you need to secure in certain spots. This gives you a more comfortable fit and allows you to loosen it if you need to adjust your comfort level after a long day. This makes it perfect if you have a child that is still growing. A no bunch pad is even included to help keep this vest feeling comfortable to wear all day.

The pockets are able to hold as many as 100 shells, and the way that the vest is designed ensures that it is not unduly heavy. The weight is distributed throughout the vest, especially because of the mash and tabs that are used. The pockets are so big that they even give you space for things like binoculars or other hunting gear.

This is made of a breathable cereal that is durable. It is lightweight and gives you great movement. What you will love is that this vest is so well constructed that the company stands behind their product. It comes with a lifetime warranty, letting you know you can depend upon it.

#2 Browning Trapper Creek Vest

Browning Trapper Creek Vest Review

Editor Favorits
  • Made of a 100% polyester material that allows it to air well
  • Four large pockets allow you to store a wide variety of items
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Fits perfectly underneath your jacket during wintertime
  • Very reasonably priced
  • It is not cushioned
  • The zipper is prone to break easily
If what you are looking for is a stylish vest that gives you a lot of utility, then this is going to be the option for you. Browning is a company that is known for making great products related to hunting, and this shooting vest is one of their best.

It starts with the fact that this vest can be worn anytime of the year. Because of its sleek design and how lightweight it is, it is easy to wear under a jacket during the winter, and it does not cause you to overheat in the summer.

The fest is made of a mesh material that allows it to breathe well. The mesh is also quite durable, meaning that this is a vest that is going to last. The pockets are large and give you plenty of storage area to carry extra ammunition, magazines, even a pair of binoculars. There are four of them, and you’ll find that the material is built to handle your accessories without snagging or getting worn down.

This product works perfectly either as a sporting or hunting vest. This is the perfect vest for trap or skeet shooting, or for using during sporting clays. The truth is that you could use this vest in a variety of different ways, many of which don’t even have to do anything with hunting. It is the perfect option for camping, birdwatching, or going on a hike. Plenty of space for you to be able to store water or snacks while you are out for a walk.

A great option for any sportsman. You will love how long it last and how comfortable it is to wear.

#3 Beretta Men’s Mole Shooting Vest

Beretta Men's Mole Shooting Vest Review

Editor Favorits
  • Perfectly designed to accommodate the needs of a person who does a lot of hunting or shooting
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Pockets are expandable and can be secured using the Velcro
  • Built to be durable and efficient
  • You need to choose a size up for what you really where
  • The vest is a bit long
  • More expensive than many other options you will find
This is one of the sharpest looking vests you are going to find on the market. Plus, it’s a unique design makes it ideal for those who need to carry a number of accessories in their vest while still feeling quite comfortable while they are out in the wild or at the range.

What is so amazing about this vest is that the designers spent a considerable amount of time examining exactly how shooters move. This would not only include preparing for shots, but how they set up, what they need to do to be able to get from one point to another, and many other movements. In doing this, they were able to design the perfect vest to accommodate the needs of the shooter and his or her ability to freely move.

This shooting vest comes in a variety of sizes ranging from XXS all the way up to 5XL. It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester jersey, meaning you are going to get a comfortable feel that breathes well to prevent you from getting overheated. There is a stretch mesh included in both the front and back. Included are double entry front pockets that are expandable, and included on both sides of the vest.

There are elastic inserts on each shoulder to tighten or help you conform the vest to your physical stature. An adjustable strap comes from the back around to the front to add even greater comfort and security when moving in the vest. Shooting patches included on each shoulder to help with recoil.

This is a fantastic vest that you will truly enjoy wearing. It gives you the kind of comfort you need, while providing you with the utility you deserve.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Do I Really Need a Shooting Vest?

If you are a person who was spent a large amount of time outdoors hunting or shooting at the range, then this question is a lot easier to answer. Most gun enthusiast see the great benefit of getting a shooting vest, but that does not mean you need one. It just makes it a lot more convenient to get your accessories, cartridges, and magazines when you need them.

#2 Should I Get a Different Vest for Winter?

One thing you will notice about many of the vests that have been reviewed is that they were specifically designed using a mesh material that would help it to breathe better during the summer months. This will not add additional protection for you when it is cold, but that doesn’t mean you need a different vest. The important thing to realize is that you may want a product that is a little larger in size so that it can fit over your jacket or you can simply wear it underneath.

#3 Who Is the Best Designer?

When you review products related to hunting or shooting, one thing that you often find is that there is one brand that is far superior to most of the others. While Beretta and Browning are two of the more popular brand makers, the truth is that there are seven or eight great designers and manufacturers out there to choose from. This gives you ample options to fit both your price range and a style you may like.

#4 Should I Buy a Vest that Blends in or Makes Me Stand Out?

This is an exceptional question. There are many vests you will find that were specifically designed to make it harder for animals to recognize you. That makes it harder for people to find you as well. There are some best that are specifically designed because of the color so that you do stand out, reducing the risk of you potentially being shot accidentally.

The answer to this question is really based upon the level of safety in the area you where you are going. The truth is that if you are asking such a question maybe you are hunting in the wrong place.

#5 How Many Pockets Are Necessary?

This is another good question that really depends upon who you are and what you need to carry with you. Some really like the option of a back pocket that enables them to be able to store their spend rounds. Others want to an interior pocket where they can place their phone, wallet, or keys. It really is dependent upon what you are taking with you and what you need to have accessible to you while you are using your firearm.

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