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There are many people who worry about their personal safety. Maybe it is the neighborhood where they live, or the fact that they have to walk in a dark area at night after work. Unfortunately, there are many situations where you could find yourself in danger.

Protect one’s self, many are out there looking for personal protection devices that are safe, easy to conceal, and effective. One of these is the stun can’t, which has become one of the most popular personal protection devices you can find. It is an ideal choice for a person who once something that will incapacitate their assailant or scare off wild animals in order to allow them to get away.

How to Make the Right Choice?

While you may see the need for stun gun, it does not mean that every stun gun is ideal for you. There are factors that one should consider when deciding what is the right device for themselves. Here are some of the things that you should consider.

  • Need. Stun gun is a device that can be a great asset in protecting you, but it can also be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. You may find that a stun gun is not the ideal choice, and that some other form of personal protection is better. In all seriousness, if you live in an area where it is possible that more than one person may attempt to attack you at the same time, you may want to look at something like pepper spray instead.
  • Size. Size is a big deal here. This is a device that you need to be able to use to protect yourself, but it also has to be accessible and maybe even concealable. There are great options out there that allow you to easily carry this in your hand or to slide into your purse or pocket where it is easy to obtain. Others are larger in size because their purpose is to act as a deterrent as much as an effective personal protection device.
  • Voltage. Not everyone may need a stun gun. You want to consider whether your purpose in getting a stun gun is to scare your assailant away or to incapacitate them. This will help you determine whether you want a higher voltage stun gun or not.
  • Flashlight. Some stun guns come with a powerful flashlight included. This not only gives you a light you can use to help guide you in the dark, but can act as an additional feature to incapacitate your assailant. A bright light in their face will blind them for a few seconds, giving you additional time to get away.
  • Personal Alarm. Besides the flashlight, an additional accessory may be alarm. This is a high decibel alarm that could scare off the attacker and worn people around you of the danger. This will likely lead others to call the police on your behalf.
  • Disable Pins. Many of the better stun guns come with a disable pin. This is connected to your hand by a strap so that if the device is pulled from your hand by the assailant the pin is released. This stops the stun gun from being discharged, ensuring that it cannot be used against you.
  • Batteries. We are going to be honest with you right up front. You may be looking for a rechargeable device. There are great options out there. Some require replacement batteries.
  • Sound. One feature that many do not consider is the sound that the device makes when it is discharged. If you want to try to scare away officious animal or scare off a person who may attempt to attack you, discharging the stun gun may be all that you need to do. This is why some opt for a product that makes a rather loud noise.

Top Stun Guns on the Market Right Now!

Now that you have had a chance to look at some of the features of a quality stun gun, we thought we would help you by providing you with some great options. Here are some to consider when choosing the right stun gun for you.

#1 Star Warrior Stun Gun

Star Warrior Stun Gun Review If you are looking for a very powerful option, this is the best you were going to find. This tongue gun is not easy to hide, as it is 18 inches long. However, it is still lightweight and easy to hold. In fact, for those who have a medium-sized purse or computer bag they carry, this could be the perfect stun gun for you.

It weighs 2.75 pounds, and carrying it in your hand may be enough to deter a lot of people. It looks very much like you are carrying a small club with you, which should be good enough to scare away a lot of people.

This is regarded by many self-defense experts as the best engineered device, and the most powerful. It works perfectly whether you need to protect yourself against a wild or vicious animal attack, or against potential street crime. You will find that many top movies even use this device within the film, including “The Last Boy Scout.”

What is great about this is that the entire shaft becomes electrified. This means you get 360° of electrical current being discharged, making it impossible for you to miss. Anyone who tries to grab you will get a shock, as you can apply this easily to any part of their body. The ease-of-use has made a very popular choice for law enforcement, military units, security guards, and animal control units.

The one problem you’ll find is that it is difficult to obtain. Because of its popularity is often sold out quickly. That means when you see it if you are in the market for a stun gun you better buy it. You may not see it for very much longer.

#2 VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Review There is good reason why this is one of the top stun guns on the market. This stun gun easily slides into your hand, and has extremely sharp spike electrodes that discharge a potent electric charge. This allows it to penetrate through thick clothing, helping you to incapacitate anyone attempting to assault you.

The voltage is sufficient enough to stop almost any attacker. Because it can penetrate thick clothing, including gloves, it enables you to have enough time once your assailant is incapacitated to get away.

As part of the device, it comes equipped with an LED flashlight that can be used to help you while you are walking at night. There are shock plates on the side as well what this means is that if the attacker attempts to grab the stun gun away from you, they’ll get a very powerful jolt of high-voltage electricity, incapacitating them still while you don’t feel the effects of this at all. It’s a great way to continue to defend yourself when battling in close quarters.

The device is rechargeable, meaning you can plug it in while you are at work or at home, then grab it off of the charger while you are heading out the door.

The one negative we found with this is that it requires direct contact with your assailant. Some stun guns work by discharging within close proximity, but not this device. It means they have to get close to you for you to be able to use.

This is a great device. Not only can you benefit from the discharge of electricity, but the flashlight can also cause temporary blindness. It’s truly a great way to protect yourself.

#3 Southern Garden Tools Stun Gun

Southern Garden Tools Stun Gun Review Just because this device appears third in our list doesn’t mean it’s a device that you won’t be quite impressed with. Not only do you get a product that will help to provide incredible safety for you, but it has a utility to it that makes it ideal for many.

This stun gun also works as a walking stick. You can take it with you while hiking or while you are traveling around town. This makes it ideal if you were out in the woods and wind up encountering a wild animal, even a snake. You have the perfect product to keep you safe in an emergency like this.

However, its usefulness is not limited to rural or camping areas. You can carry with you while walking around town, and still have the advantage of having a device available to you quickly if you need to protect yourself. Plus, the fact that it extends as a walking stick allows you to keep your assailant further away from you, giving you additional space between you and the assailant or wild animal. This will help to keep you safer.

The stun gun discharges 950,000 V, plenty enough to incapacitate almost anyone. It features spike electrodes, which gives you additional safety. Plus, it has a built-in flashlight and a removable reflective band.

Because of its great design and powerful electrodes, this is a great device. You are likely to find that you could take it with you just about anywhere, and it is easy to employ in an emergency situation. No doubt you will feel a lot safer with a device like this, especially if you expect to be in potentially dangerous situations.

#4 VIPERTEK VTS-880 Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-880 Stun Gun Review Another great product from VIPERTEK. It is small and lightweight enough. This makes it so that it easily fits inside almost any pocket or inside your purse. The non-slip rubber coating ensures that you can easily grip and draw the device out of your pocket or purse in an emergency. This is ideal for those who might get clammy or sweaty hands in a high stress situation.

It is not as powerful as the prior VIPERTEK model that was discussed, but it does work quite well. What many like about this device is that the electrical charge is a little less potent, allowing you to stun your assailant without completely incapacitating them. This works as a great deterrent, as some report that they love the sound that the electrical discharge provides as it is both loud and menacing.

This makes it ideal for those who might face a wild animal at some point. If you live in an area where skunks, foxes, maybe even wolves come around, the sound of this electrical charge should be enough to scare them away.

This device comes with an internal rechargeable battery. This makes it easy to charge while at work or at home before you decide to head out for the day. It is easily concealable and contains an LED flashlight. This allows you to stun your assailant with the light, providing additional security.

One feature we liked was that this comes with the standard VIPERTEK lifetime warranty, letting you know that but stand behind their work. For a device priced under $20, it offers you a lot of bang for your buck.

#5 Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun

Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun Review If you are a woman and you want a product that is easy to conceal, then this lipstick stun gun is just which you are looking for. This device has the look of a simple lipstick canister, but provides both a flashlight and a stun gun that releases 3 million V of electricity.

This is one of the most covert and convenient personal protection devices that you will find on the market. It is only 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, meaning it can easily fit inside any pocket, including in your genes. Because it is built to look exactly like a designer lipstick, no one will be the wiser.

The buttons for either the flashlight or stun feature are hidden underneath the cap. Yet, they are easily accessible. No worries about being unable to click the buttons you need an emergency situation. This is a product that is still very easy to use.

You can get this lipstick stun gun in a variety of colors which include red, purple, gold, black, and pink. Because the price is quite affordable, it allows you to carry a different color lipstick tubes as you desire, making it even less likely that anyone will be aware you are caring stun.

The stun gun comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cable. If you purchase a few of these, you can easily be charging one or two at any time while still having the other one available to you.

To add additional protection, this product is often sold as a pair with a lipstick pepper spray. This gives you double the protection in an emergency.

A good product that is easily to disguise and use. Most women will find this to be the ideal stun gun choice for them.


O-MEGA STUN GUNS S-120 Review If you are looking for a lightweight yet still powerful stun gun, this could be the option for you. It is a great choice, looking very much like a baton. This allows you to get a good grip on it, while providing a lot of surface area to hit your intended target. It is very hard to miss with the personal protection device.

That is a good thing in an emergency situation, where every advantage can help to save your life. It is 19 inches long and weighs about two pounds, making it easy to hold and control. It is not a small sized stun gun, meaning you were not going to be hiding it in your pocket or purse. This is intended to be displayed, and many use it as much as a deterrent as anything else.

When discharged, it releases 120,000 V. Because of his design and length, many animal control agents use this as their primary means of deterrent against wild and vicious animals. If you are a person who lives in an area where wild animals can be found, you may find this as the perfect choice to protect yourself.

Wild animals are not the only thing that this stun gun can protect you against. It is great for keeping a would-be attacker away, and you will like the fact that its design can be quite intimidating. While not intended to be used as a blunt force club, it has the appearance of one, which may help to keep people away from you.

The stun gun requires two 9 V batteries. There is not a rechargeable option, so you will have to replace these as needed.

#7 POLICE Stun Gun TW10

POLICE Stun Gun TW10 Review If you want a stun gun trusted by professionals, then this may be the perfect option for you. This is a device that is specifically designed to defend yourself, and is used by professionals, such as law enforcement officials, security guards, and similar professionals.

This device delivers the strongest power available, reaching 1.60uc Micro Coulombs. That is plenty of power to knock down any person attempting to attack you, and its design makes it easy for you to carry. It slides easily into your hand, and the grip is made so that it doesn’t slip out or feel uncomfortable while you are holding it.

One thing we really liked about the stun gun is that it comes with two additional features to help protect you in an emergency situation. The first is the addition of a 120 dB police siren alarm. This is great to notify anyone around you that you are in danger, while also scaring the attacker away. In addition, there is a built-in LED flashlight which is great to shine into the eyes of your attacker. This will temporarily blind them, giving you additional time to either apply the stun gun to them or to get away.

There is an internal rechargeable battery. This allows you to recharge the device while at work or at home, making it available for you when you leave. No purchasing of new batteries or having to worry about them being dead when you need them. If you’ve recharge the device, it’s ready to go.

This is only 6.5” x 2” x 1”, making it a compact device that could easily fit into your jacket pocket or purse. It also comes with a holster that you can attach to your belt making it easy for you to grab an emergency. There is truly a lot to like about this device.

#8 Guard Dog Security Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security Inferno Stun Gun Review The first thing that jumped out about this device is that it comes with quadruple prongs. That not only makes it an intimidating looking device, but ensures you are getting a powerful spark that is extremely loud. The sound alone may scare your assailant away, making those who are a little squeamish to feel a bit more confident about using the device.

This personal protection device also comes with a bright flashlight. This will help to deter assailants by blinding them at least for a few seconds. That can be plenty of time for you to apply the device to them or to simply get away.

Of course, people want a stun gun that incapacitates those who may be attempting to harm them, and this provides a high-voltage punch.

This product is a little big to carry inside your purse or pocket, but comes with a holster that allows you to attach it to your belt or other loop. Securely held in place, you can be assured it is not going to become dislodged while you are walking or even out jogging. However, it makes it accessible to you to use in an emergency.

It securely fits into your hand and is easy to grip. It’s design is very much like a flashlight, making it familiar enough that it is easy to use and control. A very good option, and comes in both paying and black. Definitely something you will feel confident in using. Comes with a rechargeable battery.

#9 VIPERTEK VTS-979 Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-979 Stun Gun Review This is another great product by the manufacturer VIPERTEK. They are known for their outstanding personal protection devices, and this is one you can feel confident in using. The stun gun not only comes with one of the more powerful electric discharges, but also provides a powerful flashlight that will act as an additional deterrent.

This is a device that is used by security and law enforcement professionals across the globe. It provides a great sense of security and safety wherever you go. The stun gun discharges a powerful electric jolt, and the design is made for quick use in emergencies. The fact that the stun position and safety buttons are on opposite sides of the device make it easy for you to activate within a second.

There is also the standard feature you will find with VIPERTEK devices. This includes a safety disable pan. A strap that goes around your arm is attached to a disable pan on the stun gun. Should it be taken from your hand, the disable pan will deactivate the device, ensuring it can’t be used against you.

There are deep finger grips that give you greater control and ease-of-use. They are meant to give you a solid grip even when your hands get sweaty. It is also rechargeable. Plugging it into your wall outlet allows you to save money on batteries and you can charge it while you are at home or at work.

This is the kind of device you can have a great deal of confidence in. Its small size makes it easy for you to conceal in your jacket or purse. You can even carry it in your hand while you are walking to your car or home.

#10 POLICE Stun Gun 916

POLICE Stun Gun 916 Review This is a product that was specifically designed for use by law enforcement personnel. The engineers understand the demands of the job, meaning that it needed to be built to handle almost any kind of situation and last. This is why you can have a lot of confidence in this product.

This product is made so that it is easy to hold in your hand. By using a non-slip rubber coating, it doesn’t slip, and provides a comfortable grip.

As with some of the most sophisticated options, this also comes with a safety disable pan. This ensures that if your attacker pulls the stun gun from your hand, that the strap that the device is attached to pull the safety pin, protecting you from the device being used against you.

There is also an LED light that is included. It is powerful enough to provide a blinding effect that will temporarily disable your assailant, allowing you to get away.

This is a compact device, that is only 6.5 inches long. It can easily slide inside your jacket pocket or purse, but there is also a durable holster that is included. This gives you options for how you will carry the device with you, even allowing you to carry it in your hand as it is so small.

The discharge is strong enough to incapacitate your assailant or a wild animal. This will give you plenty of time to get away. Plus, it is easy to use, making it a snap to apply in a dangerous situation.

Add to it the fact that it comes with rechargeable batteries and it is easy to see why this is a top stun gun option. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, letting you know the company stands behind their product.

#11 SABRE Tactical Stun Gun

SABRE Tactical Stun Gun Review Because of its design, this is a product that is easy to hold and use. It is constructed very much like a standard flashlight, something that makes it familiar and easy to. Buttons on the top work just like your standard flashlight, and it also comes with a strong LED light that can help to blind your assailant.

This is an extremely powerful device, providing a 1.139 µC charge, which has been determined to meet the intolerable pain standard. That means you are getting reliable protection that you can be sure is going to keep you safe in an emergency situation.

Besides using a design that is familiar to people, the design also ensures that it is easy to carry. Most of us are quite comfortable with carrying a flashlight, so carrying this personal protective device will be easy as well. It’s durable, made with a strong aluminum construction, letting you know that it will last. Plus, it comes with a belt holster and clip so that you can either attach it to your belt or carry it in your pocket or purse.

To ensure you are comfortable with using the device, the company even provides a free online training video. That was a feature we really liked, as it ensured that users would be able to properly use the device in an emergency situation. The video is informative and easy to follow.

This is a rechargeable device. It is one that you will definitely feel safe using whenever you head out of your home or office.

#12 Terminator Stun Gun

Terminator Stun Gun Review With a name like Terminator, you should feel pretty confident in this device. It truly does stand up to its name.

This is a 15 million volt stun gun, that will drop almost any assailant dead in his or her tracks. It definitely comes with a powerful punch, and includes an LED light which can also be used to incapacitate your attacker by temporarily blinding them.

This is a device that is easy to conceal, as it is about the size of your standard cell phone, but a little bit wider. Still easily able to fit in your pocket or purse, making it accessible to you in an emergency situation.

When discharged, the device starts making a loud crackling noise. This may be enough to scare away your attacker, meaning you never really need to use the device directly on them. That’s an advantage if you are concerned about the person getting too close to you.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. It takes only about four hours to recharge from empty all the way to full. That’s the perfect amount of time for allowing you to charge it while resting or at work. Plus, you don’t have to buy batteries.

You can purchase this and either pink or black. It is also small enough for you to carry with you while you are walking to your car or out for a jog.We definitely like this device, only find it to be one that you can trust your safety to.

Comparison Chart

Stun GunProsCons
#1 Star Warrior Stun Gun
  • Gives you 360° shock of the entire shaft of the device
  • One of the most powerful and best engineered products on the market
  • Easy to hold and control
  • Provides a potent charge that can be used on both animals and people
  • The preferred choice of many law enforcement agencies
  • 18 inches may be a little too much for many
  • Uses two 9-V batteries
  • Can be difficult to purchase because of its popularity
#2 VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun
  • It is able to shock through thick clothing, including gloves
  • There is a built-in LED flashlight included
  • Shock plates to the outside ensure that your assailant will still get shocked if they try to grab the device
  • Rechargeable batteries help to extend the life of your device
  • Requires direct contact with your assailant to be able to use properly
  • The charger is not made with the same quality as the stun gun
#3 Southern Garden Tools Stun Gun
  • The utility of it being a walking stick makes this a great product
  • It provides 950,000 V of electric current
  • Comes with a built-in LED flashlight
  • Design makes it easy to take with you anywhere you were going
  • Allows you to expand up to 56 inches
  • The protective Is on a little too tightly, making it difficult to remove quickly
  • The warranty is only for two years
#4 VIPERTEK VTS-880 Stun Gun
  • One of the least expensive models on the market. Yet, works extremely well
  • Compact and lightweight allows you to easily store it in your pocket or purse
  • Internal rechargeable battery included
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber coating, helping you to keep it securely in your hand
  • Creates a loud noise when discharged which may be enough to scare off your assailant
  • This is another device that requires direct contact with your assailant to work
  • Really no other complaints
#5 Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun
  • Easy to conceal and use
  • Comes in several colors and is inexpensive, allowing you to purchase more than one to fit your needs
  • Provides 3 million V of electricity
  • Battery is rechargeable
  • Because of their size they do not look like most lipstick cases. This is clearly built for a person who uses designer lipstick
  • May be a little bit more challenging to use for someone who has larger hands
  • Great design makes it easy to carry and use
  • Shaft discharges an electrical impulse, protecting you if someone tries to grab the device from you
  • Perfect if you live in an area where you have to protect yourself against wild animals
  • Great against people as well
  • This parking is very loud, which could be a great deterrent
  • At 19 inches, it is difficult to conceal
  • No rechargeable battery option available
  • Almost useless if used in real close quarters
#7 POLICE Stun Gun TW10
  • Delivers the strongest and most powerful electric current available in a personal protection device
  • Small and easy to conceal. The rubber coating makes it easy to mold into your hand and hold
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, letting you know the manufacturer stands behind their product
  • Used by professionals
  • The siren can only be heard for a short distance
  • The discharge last for only about three or four bursts before the battery is too low to work
#8 Guard Dog Security Inferno Stun Gun
  • Easy to grip and use in an emergency
  • Because of its design you can attach your keys to it, making it easy to carry with you while you are heading to your car or home
  • The easy to use safety switch and activator look very much like that you would find on a flashlight
  • Comes with a bright flashlight as well, helping you to incapacitate those who may attempt to harm you by blinding them
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • The sound emitted when discharged is not that loud. At least not as loud as the manufacturer reports
  • Does not easily fit into your purse or pocket
  • Some report a challenge in trying to get the thing to initially charge
#9 VIPERTEK VTS-979 Stun Gun
  • A great design makes it easy to carry and to activate an emergency situation
  • The manufacturer is one that produces outstanding quality personal protection devices
  • Comes with a flashlight that provides up to 100,000 hours of use before needing to recharge
  • A safety disable pan ensures the device can’t be used against you
  • While a great device, the design is made a little cheap. Many report it breaking within the first year
  • The pin has also been reported to not stay in, making the device almost useless
#10 POLICE Stun Gun 916
  • Trusted by law enforcement and security professionals across the globe
  • Non-slip rubber coating makes it easy and comfortable to grip and control
  • Small size makes it easy to conceal in your purse or pocket, or you can carry it in the poster provided
  • Strong LED light provides a blinding effect
  • Some report issues with trying to charge the device
  • Because of the strength that the discharge, some have reported actually feeling a minimal effect of the charge simply by holding when they applied the trigger
#11 SABRE Tactical Stun Gun
  • Provides one of the strongest charges you can get
  • Easy to use and to hold in your hand
  • Great engineering design that provides for comfortable grip and ease-of-use
  • Flashlight provides 120 lm of LED power
  • Zapping sound reaches 95 dB
  • Electrodes have been prone to fallout of their slot
  • You can’t use the flashlight and stun gun feature at the same time
#12 Terminator Stun Gun
  • Compact and easy to conceal
  • Provides a powerful jolt of electricity
  • Makes a loud crackling noise when discharged, which can be enough to scare away your assailant
  • Comes with a powerful LED light
  • For people over 200 pounds, this device will have minimal effect
  • Does not come with a safety pin in case it is taken from you

Top Stun Gun FAQs

How Many Volts Do You Need For a Stun Gun?

This depends upon how you want the device to work for you. If you are looking to incapacitate a potential assailant, then you want a stronger volts, at least a million. If you are a person who was just looking to scare off or to keep wild animals away, a smaller sized electrical current may work perfectly for you.

Are Flashlight Stun Guns Effective?

They sure are. These are some of the most effective personal protection devices you can find. Not only did they give you the power of the stun gun, but also give you a strong LED light that can be used to blind your assailant temporarily. Plus, they are easy to carry and easy to use, because most of us are familiar with flashlight design.

Do Stun Guns Work Through Clothing?

It depends upon the type of stun gun that you find. Some in our review work through the clothing. Even heavy-duty clothing could not deter the effects of the stun gun. This is not true of every one you will find. There are two factors to consider. First the voltage, and secondly the design of the prods. Any good stun gun will tell you if they are capable of incapacitating a person through heavy clothing.

Can a Stun Gun Stop an Attacker?

Absolutely! This is the whole purpose of these devices. They are designed to stop an attacker in their tracks.

How Long Will a Stun Gun Disable Someone?

That depends upon the size of the individual and the amount of electric current that is applied to them. In some instances, you may find that it will take you to or three jolts against the person to incapacitate them. This can be because of their physical size or the amount of current that is released by your product. As an important safety note, you should continue to apply the stun gun as long as the person is able to try to grab you or hurt you.

What Does a Stun Gun Do to a Person?

This is a very good question. If you are going to buy such a device, it makes perfect sense to understand how it works. What a stun gun does is discharge on electrical poles that causes physical pain without permanent injury. It causes the nervous system to contract, not only causing the person a deep amount of pain, but often causing them to drop to the ground.

Can a Stun Gun Kill You?

Unless the person has some kind of serious medical condition the answer to this is no. These are devices that are not intended to cause any kind of permanent injury. If a person has a heart problem, then it could lead to death.

Can a Stun Gun Cause Permanent Damage?

This answer is very much like the previous one. Unless a person has some kind of serious health issue then this is not a device that can cause permanent injury. It is intended to just incapacitate them temporarily.

How Long Do The Effects of a Stun Gun Last?

This depends upon the size and electrical discharge capacity of the stun gun. Most often they last about five to 20 minutes. However, you may find that some people are not affected by one discharge of the stun gun. If they are over 200 pounds, you may have to zap them two or three times.

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