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Owning a firearm is a huge privilege, but it also comes with its very own set of responsibilities. You as the gun owner are responsible for keeping the firearm away from places that it can cause harm to anyone and you will need to ensure that it is protected from theft as well. A perfect wall mounting safe can ensure all your needs. Keep your firearms and valuables protected no matter where you go.

What to Consider Buying a Wall Safe?

  • Price. Price is obviously a factor with any product you would purchase, and you should be aware that there is a price range that should work within your budget yet still provide you with quality safe. You can find a good wall safe anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars. So, don’t get caught in believing you can find the right say for yourself.
  • Location in Your Home. Where you intend to put the safe in your home is important as well. It makes no sense to buy a safe that does not fit in the location you want or to put a safe in a location that is difficult for you to reach. Make sure you choose something that accommodates the space available and your ability to reach the safe safely.
  • Additional Features. Finally, I have to mention about additional features. Many wall mounted safes will be great for resisting fires and even water. In the culinary industry, you will need to keep these features in mind as when something catches a fire, you will be sure that your valuable documents and even your cash are still protected.

12 Best Wall Safes to Buy!

#1 V-Line Closet Vault II Wall Gun Cabinet

Best In-Wall Long Gun Safe Review V-Line Closet Vault II Wall Gun Cabinet comes to the top of our list because of its amazing outlook.

It is large enough to be able to accommodate almost any rifle that you may own, including its accessories. The locking system uses a five button mechanical process, allowing you to be able to set the code easily and securely. The best part is that this does not require batteries for you to be able to operate the system, so there is no worry about your difficulty in gaining access.

#2 V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage

Best in-Wall Handgun Safe Review V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage is one of top wall on the market. It is a fantastically design safe that comes at a reduced cost in comparison to many other types of models. There is some challenge in having success in setting the code at first, but you will find that this is a great model for those who are looking for a safe place to store their handguns.

However, should you have a situation where you have forgotten the code or where you need to allow someone else to gain access, there is a backup key that comes along with the safe.

#3 Protex Fire Resistant Safe (WES2113-DF)

Best Fireproof Wall Safe Review Protex Fire Resistant Safe (WES2113-DF)is made to resist fire for thirty minutes or more. Just as a quick reference, most home and business fires are extinguished within the first 15 minutes of arrival by the fire department. This ensures that you have plenty of time to keep your items safe because this wall safe unit will act as a retardant that will protect the items inside your safe in the overwhelming vast majority of situations.

You will also like the fact that this safe is built with pry resistant hinges. This makes it so that a person would have virtually no success it trying to open the safe and less they had the code or the key. Because of its design most would not even know that you had a safe, and less you told them, so this is the perfect option for a person who once a fire retardant safe that protects their valuables.

#4 Gardall WS1314-T-EK 4″ Concealed Wall Safe

Best Hidden Wall Safe ReviewThe safe is designed for walls that are no more than 4 inches thick and does not take a more than 14.5 inches in any other direction. This makes it ideal for almost any location that you would have, as you will find that these dimensions fit virtually anywhere.

The total capacity is a little less than .25 ft.³ and weighs about 27 pounds. This makes it easy to install, but limits the type of items that you are able to store. One shelf is included that is not adjustable.As an additional safety feature, a key is also included that can only allow a person to gain access once they have entered the combination code.

#5 Homak WS00018002Between the Studs Wall Safe

Best Between the Studs Wall Safe Review Homak has a reputation for building quality products and one cannot deny that this is an exceptional one. However, it should of been built with a little bit more durable metal and the locking system needs to be a bit more secure.

This is a perfect option if you are simply looking to keep your kids from accessing your firearms or other valuables, but don’t expect it to do a premium job for you should you have concerns about people breaking into your house who know where your safe is located. However, one concern that you should have is that the door is made of a thin piece of metal, meaning that it could be accessible by use of a welding torch or cutting saw.

#6 SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet UJJC93W

Best Wall Safe for Jewelry What is valuable about this particular cabinet is that most would not believe it to be an area where valuables would be stored. If fastened to a door or wall, most would confuse it with a simple makeup or accessory cabinet. This allows you to hide things in plain sight, so to speak where you are able to securely place your items in the cabinet and most would ignore it, not believing it was a location where items of value would be stored.

Included inside is an LED light that turns on when you open the door. This makes it easier for you to be able to locate valuable items, even in the dark. A locking key system is used to secure the cabinet.

#7 Viking VS-52BLX Hidden Wall Safe

Best Biometric Wall Safe ReviewThe safe is designed to be pry resistant. There are 220 mm steel locking bars that hold the door in place making it incredibly difficult to pull off. Plus, anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to the keycode, you can turn on the sound which makes a beeping noise whenever the safe is opened. This will instantly let you know if someone has tried to get into your safe.

For as large of a safe as it is it is amazing that this only weighs 38 pounds. It is made of heavy duty steel and provides all of the hardware needed to easily install it securely into your will.

#8 Mesa Safe Adjustable Wall Safe

Best Wall Safe for High Security The safe comes in various lighter shades, including white and cream, making it easy to store inside the wall of your home without it clashing anyway. Plus, it is designed so that it easily remains flush with the wall, allowing you to easily hide it behind a picture, mirror, or other hanging object. The electronic keypad includes an LED light that makes it easier to see the display in the dark.

Included inside the safe are two built-in shelves. The shelves allow you to adjust them as needed or to remove them completely. You would easily be able to store most smaller sized firearms, including handguns, as well as media, passports, and other valuable items.

#9 Protex Fingerprint Wall Safe FW 1814Z

Easiest to Install Wall Safe The beauty of this safe starts with its design. It has been built with the best materials available on the market to not only ensure that you get an outstanding quality safe to protect your items, but so that is also easy to conceal anywhere in your home. The thin edges of this safe make it nearly impossible for anyone to see where it is located, whether you have it behind a mirror, a painting or another hanging object.

It comes with a smart biometric locking system. Plus, the company offers you the ability to replace the biometric locking system with an electronic lock if you so choose. Four AA batteries are used to operate the system, but should they die there is a backup key available.

#10 Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe

Best Value Wall Safe Review
Paragon 7750 electronic wall safe included two shelves inside. The shelves cannot be removed or adjusted, but this is of limited concern because of the size of the safe. You will find that you can store multiple firearms and other valuables here and that the powder coating ensures that those items will be safe and undamaged inside your unit.

When locked two bolts hold the safe door securely in place, making it virtually impossible for the safe to be opened without use of a key or the code. The mounting system helps to lock the unit in place, and you receive all of the hardware necessary, including pre-drilled holes, to make the installation process and easy one.

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