Why Should You Think About ‘FREE Gun Safe Delivery’?

Because the price of a gun safe can be rather expensive, trying to find ways to save yourself a little is one bit of money is often a concern for buyers. When you are purchasing a safe cost $500, saving yourself an additional $100 in shipping costs is one way that people will often look to save some money. If free shipping is being offered, why not take advantage of it?

The same can be true with installation. You may decide that it is a much better option for you to install your safe on your own, than to pay someone else a few hundred dollars to install it for you.

If you are purchasing a safe and trying to determine answers to situations like this, here is some things that you may want to consider.

Is “Free Shipping” Really Free?

Most of us love the deal. We love it when we find ways to save ourselves money. Free shipping is one of those ways that often entices people to want to purchase a particular product. It has become the foundation of companies like Amazon, who use free shipping for their prime accounts to get tens of thousands of people to become prime members.

When purchasing a safe, free shipping is an incredible enticement. These products are often quite heavy, maybe even hundreds of pounds, and the shipping cost can be rather expensive. Thus, when you are looking for a place to purchase your product, you may be opting to choose the one that offers you free shipping as the place to go. It makes complete sense.

Or does it? The question to ask yourself is a free shipping is really free?

While you may not like to hear this, the reality is that you are rarely getting the shipping paid for free. What often happens is that the vendor or retailer will include the price of shipping in the cost safe. What this means is that if you are purchasing a $600 safe where free shipping is offered, it is likely that the safe costs $550 or less and they have increased the cost to include the shipping. It’s honestly one of the oldest tricks in the book.

What this tells you is that as you are looking for products you want to compare what some retailers are offering. What we mean is that if a safe is being offered with free shipping how does that differ with another retailer who is offering a price without free shipping being included?

What you may find is that the cost of paying for a safe and then adding the shipping cost is likely to be the same or maybe even a little bit less then what you would pay if you chose a company offering you “free shipping.” Calculate to find out.

If you are purchasing a larger sized safe, one that is several hundred pounds, look to see if there are other retailers who offer a flat rate for shipping. What you are going to find is that they will often charge a shipping price that is an average of what it would cost to ship smaller sized safes all the way up to larger sized ones. This means that you are likely getting a discount on shipping if you are purchasing a larger sized safe.

What this means for you is that you need to do your homework. Test out to see what kind of price you will receive from different retailers depending upon the kind of shipping options available. You may find that some deals where shipping is offered are better at one vendor than another, but that may not be true with every product they have to offer. Figuring out the numbers will help you to make an informed decision.

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