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It is true that there are a number of great options out there if you are looking for a quality gun safe. You want to make sure that you are keeping these valuable items secure, and not allowing anyone to have access to them.

For some, they are really looking for nothing more than a secure cabinet. Something that will allow them to organize their firearms while adding an additional layer of protection against their children or someone else gaining access to them.

Others are looking for a secure safe that not only provides plenty of room for them to store their firearms, but also a safe they can depend on to give all the great features of the safe. This is why Homak has become such a popular brand. Homak is a gun safe manufacturer, with over fifty years of experience in the same business. Homak has been able to keep up with industry standards and advanced technology in the production of strong safes for guns.

7 Best Gun Safe Reviews & Comparison

Like any product you will buy, not every safe or security cabinet is built to fit your needs. Homak provides a number of great options and here are seven that may fit your needs.

#1 First Watch/Homak 6-Gun Security Cabinet HS30103605

First Watch/Homak 6-Gun Security Cabinet HS30103605 ReviewHomak has built themselves a reputation for designing and building quality security cabinets, and this is one you’re going to have a lot of confidence in. From the well-built interior to a durable and sharp looking exterior you are going to find this to be the perfect safe for storing of your long rifles.

The interior of the safe is designed to easily fit six long rifles. An additional shelf is included in the upper portion of the safe that allows you storage of cartridges, magazines, and other valuable items. There are also two cubbies that are attached to the door to give you additional storage space. The safe is 57 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep, giving you plenty of room to store your valuable items.

The safe comes with a four-point locking system, and the thickness of each piece of steel used in the safe is 1.2 mm. Included as part of the locking system are two locking plates that assist in making this a pry proof safe.

Understand that this is not a safe in the traditional way, but more of a security cabinet. Much more like a locker. It uses a HMC high-security tubular locking system to help secure the door in place.

This is a quality safe for somebody who is looking for a cabinet that can hold up to six rifles. As long as maximum-security is not your goal, you will be satisfied with this option.

#2 First Watch/Homak 8-Gun Double Door Security Cabinet HS30136028

First Watch/Homak 8-Gun Double Door Security Cabinet HS30136028 ReviewIf purchasing a security cabinet is all you really desire, then you are truly going to love this option as well. Constructed of 1.2 mm steel walls and with a height that reaches to 57 inches, you will love the amount of space you receive and the protection that it provides.

This is a safe that gives you plenty of storage space, as it is 32 inches wide, by 57 inches tall, by 10 inches deep. It is divided to give you two separate cabinets in one, allowing you to more easily organize. The right hand side is where you can store up to eight different rifles, and the left offers you a customizable section of shelves to fit your needs.

Firearms are protected by a plastic resting bar that locks the firearms in place while also ensuring that they do not damage the product or get damaged of themselves.

The shelves on the left are perfect for organizing your ammunition, magazines, safety goggles, camouflage gear, or any other equipment you have for hunting or shooting. This is truly a fantastic cabinet that makes organization a prime focus of its design. You could even fit additional handguns in this area if you so desired.

A set of locks in each door help to secure it in place. The safe comes with locking bolts and all of the hardware necessary to be able to secure it to a wall or floor. It is 128 pounds, making it heavy enough to deter thieves from taking it while light enough to allow you to move it if necessary.

This is a fantastic option if you are looking for a good cabinet to store your firearms that allows you to have plenty of storage space.

#3 Homak 12-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe HS40221120

Homak 12-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe HS40221120 ReviewWhile many of the Homak products are security cabinets, this is a true safe that can hold up to 12 firearms. Beautifully designed to give you optimal use of the interior, you will love how beautiful it looks and how well it protects your valuables.

Starting from the interior, a gun rack is included that goes down one sidewall and across the back. This allows you to store up to 12 different firearms, locking him in place so that they are secure and safe. The rack is also adjustable, allowing you to lower or raise to fit your needs.

Included at the top of the safe is an additional storage shelf. This gives you plenty of room to be able to store magazines and ammunition, or to even include a small storage cabinet where you further organize your valuables. The interior is 59 inches tall, by 16 inches wide, by 15.75 inches tall, clearly a lot of space. Overall interior spaces 8.7 ft.³.

The exterior of the safe is made with 2 mm thick steel plates. This should give you an outstanding level of thickness and durability to prevent people from easily gaining access to your safe. Three steel dead bolts hold the door secure on each side of the door when locked, and an electronic keypad is included as the locking mechanism if you purchased this accessory. This is programmable to allow you to choose the code you desire. The exterior is painted green, and has a really elegant look to it. A fantastic safe for sure.

#4 First Watch 24-Gun Black Hills Series Fire- Safe BH50136240

First Watch 24-Gun Black Hills Series Fire- Safe BH50136240 ReviewFor those who are looking for a safe that not only protects your valuables, but also does so against fire, then this is the choice for you. This is a well-designed safe, which gives you a lot of peace of mind because of its durability and toughness.

The exterior is just about everything that you can one in a safe. The locking uses a four way deadbolt locking system that has five live-action bolts and three stationary bolts, each 1 inch in diameter. This will securely hold the door in place, as it is both pry and impact resistant. The safe is fire resistant at temperatures up to 1400° for up to 30 minutes period of time.

An electronic keypad is what is used to gain access into the safe. You are able to program the code but, in case you have an emergency, a manual backup key is included as well.

Hardware is included for you to mount the safe to the floor. This includes a removable steel shipper and three hinges help to secure the door in place, to externally and one internally. That helps to make the safe door extremely difficult to try to pry away.

The interior is 53.25 inches tall, 15.3 inches deep, and 28 inches wide. A large amount of space for you to be able to store your items. The safe is divided into four quadrants, with gun racks on the walls and sides of the two bottom quadrants. This enables you to be able to store up to 24 long rifles. The upper areas come with additional shelving, giving you four different shelves to be able to organize your valuables.

This is the perfect option for a person who has a large number of firearms and wants to keep them well organized. Plus, the interior is padded to protect your firearms from getting damaged or your safe from being scratched.

#5 First Watch 48-Gun Blue Ridge Series Fire-Safe BR50135480

First Watch 48-Gun Blue Ridge Series Fire-Safe BR50135480 ReviewIf large capacity and organization is a top priority for you, then you have found your safe. This Homak safe is everything you could be looking for, starting with the exterior protection it provides all the way to the incredible design of the interior.

Starting from the interior, the safe is broken up into three lower areas where your firearms can be stored, six cubes in the top, and a safe door organizer that simply can’t be beat. Each of the lower sections comes with a gun rack on opposite sides of the wall, allowing you to store up to 48 long rifles.

The floor and walls are all padded, and the rack is designed to hold a firearm securely in place. This will protect your firearms and the safe from being damaged.

The inner door has 12 medium-size pockets and six larger sized pockets. Each of these is lined to provide additional protection against fire, and you can easily organize your documents, external hard drives, pistols, magazines, or other accessories.

The upper part of the safe provides you with six shelving areas for further organization. You could easily fit a three or four handguns safes in here if you are looking to add additional protection.

The safe is designed to provide up to 45 minutes of fire protection against temperatures reaching 1400°F. There are 11 locking bolts that hold the door secure when closed. Four are fixed in seven are live activated. An electronic keypad that is programmable allows you to gain access into the safe. A backup key is included for use in an emergency.

The exterior is built using thick steel plates. You can be sure that it can handle heavy impact, and is drill resistant and pry resistant. This is truly a fantastic safe that will give you a lot of confidence that your valuables are being kept secure.

Comparison Chart

Like any product you will buy, not every safe or security cabinet is built to fit your needs. Homak provides a number of great options and here are seven that may fit your needs.

Homak Gun SafeProsCons
#1 First Watch/Homak 6-Gun Security Cabinet HS30103605
  • Can hold up to six different rifles.
  • Comes at an affordable price, making it the ideal choice for any budget.
  • The locks are built of a quality material.
  • Small enough to fit in any closet while still giving you adequate space for other items.
  • This is not a safe, but is a security cabinet.
  • The upper shelf gives you minimal space for storage.
  • The rack that is included for holding your rifles is made of plastic.
  • Can be a chore to try to fit six rifles in here.
#2 First Watch/Homak 8-Gun Double Door Security Cabinet HS30136028
  • A large amount of rope and easy to organize because of the design of the cabinet.
  • Four locks help you to feel that your items are secure. A lot more secure than you would think.
  • Plenty of room to store a large number of firearms.
  • Comes with all the hardware for you to secure the safe to a wall or floor.
  • This is more of a secure cabinet, not a safe.
  • The strips to hold the gun rack in place are not very sticky. You will likely have to glue them.
#3 Homak 12-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe HS40221120
  • Can hold up to 12 rifles.
  • Built with 2 mm thick steel plates to add durability and toughness.
  • Can be purchased as a mechanical or electronic keypad lock.
  • Interior design provides ability to store firearms easily, giving you quick access and protection for your firearms and the safe.
  • Provides all of the locking mechanisms to hold the safe secure to a floor or wall.
  • Digital lock is known to have issues.
  • Requires at least two people to be able to move the safe.
  • Would be better if it added additional shelves.
#4 First Watch 24-Gun Black Hills Series Fire- Safe BH50136240
  • Provides fire resistant protection for up to 1400°.
  • Comes with eight 1-inch locking bolts to securely hold the door in place.
  • Provides all the hardware for you to secure this safe to the floor.
  • Electronic programmable keypad included with manual override key for emergency backup.
  • The interior is carpeted and comes with adjustable shelving to organize a safe to fit your needs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty included on the safe.
  • At 300 pounds, you will need someone to help you move it.
  • While the design is a great one, it would be difficult to get 24 long rifles in here.
#5 First Watch 48-Gun Blue Ridge Series Fire-Safe BR50135480
  • Well designed to take advantage of maximum use of the space inside the safe.
  • Can store up to 48 rifles and eight handguns.
  • Fire resistant to temperatures up to 1400°.
  • Padding and design of barrel rests keeps your firearms secure and free from getting damaged.
  • Locking mechanism designed to secure this door and make it pry resistant.
  • At 900 pounds, this is not an easy safe to remove.
  • A lot of storage space, but would be difficult to get 48 rifles in here.
  • Considering the cost and the design of the rest of the safe, would’ve been better if barrel racks were made with something other than plastic.

Why Choose Homak for Your Next Gun Safe?

There are many manufacturers of safes, but Homak has created a special niche for themselves. Their safes and security cabinets are specially designed to fit your needs and to ensure you have the kind of safe that you desire. They are a great brand for many reasons, which include:

    Safe Type. Whether you are looking for a security cabinet adding an additional layer of protection or an all-out safe, Homak has great options for you. Moreover, Homak safes are often less expensive than many of the other name brands you would find on the market.

    • Homak makes concealed wall safes. These wall safes are able to fit in between studs in the wall. This is a completely secure way to install a safe, as it can be covered with a painting, camouflage or heavy furniture.
    • The second type of safes are the box safes, which can hold small guns and pistols, these safes are for those with guns bought as security. These safes will also have room for other valuables.
    • Finally, homak makes gun cabinets. Their gun cabinets come with multiple locks and racks. These cabinets will help the entire collection organized and easy to grab when in need.

    Built for Capacity. Homak gun safes come on all sizes, able to have room for all types of guns, pistols, rifles or ammunition. A users collection starts from anywhere between one gun to multiple types of firearms in large quantities. Homak has really set themselves apart by creating a number of products that that can handle large volume in terms of firearms. It’s not surprising that many of their safes can hold anywhere from eight all the way up to 60 guns.

    Fit Your Needs. Type of safe is not the only advantage of looking at Homak. They provide you with the kind of features you desire, whether is fire resistance, electronic keypads or thickness of metal. There are number of organizers that the homak safes come with. These include customizable racks and plastic containers. These accessories are a great way to organize all of the possessions one owns, especially in a large safe.

    Built to Protect. if you are looking for a tactical gun safe that will protect your items, this is one of the big advantages of the Homak safe. Most are lines or provide you with additional features that will help to secure your firearms in place while also ensuring that they don’t get damaged or scratched. In order to be able to store all these securely, far from the reach of children and irresponsible adults, the owner needs to safe guard them in a strong gun safe. Even though gun cupboards and display cabinets are popular, a simple key is not enough security to keep them out of harms way.

    Solid Construction. Homaks gun safes come with an overall 7/8″ in thickness. This thickness in metal sheets is one of the best in the industry. The thicker and heavier a safe is, the harder it is to be broken into. The strength of the metal will keep the safe from breaking in adverse situations, especially when a burglar is trying to force open or break it with heavy tools.

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