Updated: April 04, 2020

If you asked the average person, they will tell you that they want to get better at something. Whether it is they want to be better at their job, they want to be better at fixing things around their home, or be better at making food, there is something out there that each one of us is aspiring to improve ourselves at.

For many, they want to be a better shooter. They want to be able to use their weapon in a way that they hit the target dead center every single time, no matter what that target is. They are looking for every advantage they can find to improve their skills, and here are some you should pay attention to if this is what you are looking to accomplish.

#1 Your Positioning.

A lot of times, the reason why somebody is not that good of a shot or is in improving is because of their technique. That technique begins with their positioning. Make sure you are properly holding your firearm. Whether you are holding your handgun with two hands, or you have your rifle properly position into your shoulder, all of the little factors on how you are positioned can have a big impact on making you a better shooter.

The way you are standing, how you are breathing, and how focused you are on your target all play a factor. If you are not sure if your positioning is causing you to be less efficient, look at other hunters or marksmen. See how they are standing, how they breathe, and how they position themselves when they fire. Learn from others.

#2 Strength.

Do some things to strengthen yourself. If you are using a handgun, work on improving the strength of your hands in your arms. If you are person who is going to be using a rifle and expecting to spend long hours out hunting for deer or other animals, spend some time on the treadmill. Improve your cardio. Do things that improve the overall health and power of your body, so that you can hold your weapon for longer periods of time.

#3 Take A Course.

There are great courses out there that offer you the opportunity to improve your skills. Go to arrange and learn from an expert how to better hold your handgun or your rifle. Have someone monitor the things you are doing, so that they can give you some tips on how to improve your skills. Take a course with others where you not only get to have your own skills critique, but have the ability to critique others. Instructing and teaching others will help you to get better at almost anything you ever do.

#4 Breathe Baby.

As odd as this sounds, breathing can be one of the biggest challenges that hunters and marksmen face. You have to learn to regulate your breathing so that it doesn’t cause your weapon to move in the slightest way. Understand that if you are breathing in while you are about to shoot your rifle, the movement of your chest increasing can actually lift the back end of your rifle slightly so that you will shoot off target.

What you need to be able to do is be at the exact same spot in your breathing every time you shoot. This will ensure that you hit the target exactly as you desire and won’t be influenced by your breathing pattern at all.

#5 Get Better Tools.

Sadly, sometimes it is the weapon, ammunition, or other accessory you are using that is holding you back. There are clearly rifles or handguns that are far better than others. You may reach a point where your skill level will not improve because the firearm you are using is simply not up to your standards anymore. You can only improve the efficiency of that weapon so much before your skills are irrelevant.

The same is true with ammunition. This is why so many marksmen and avid hunters create their own ammunition. They know that the best quality choice is one they make themselves. You may find that you are better off making your own ammunition as well.

Look for better scopes, tripods, or other accessories that can improve your skills. There are many different options out there, so there is sure to be one that will help you to get better.

#6 Get Accessories.

Don’t be afraid to get accessories to help you. You may find that getting a scope for your rifle significantly increases your ability to sight your target better. Using a tripod or other stabilizing device can help you to be more accurate as well. Wearing gloves while holding your pistol or rifle helps to keep your hands dry while also giving you a better grip.

These kinds of accessories can be a real advantage for you. If your ultimate objective is to hit dead center every time, what does it matter if you are using something to assist you to do that?

This is not all of the things that you could do. There are other techniques and ideas to consider, but this should be a good head start for you. If you are wanting to improve your skills, then start here.

Levis Herrmann

Levis Herrmann

Levis has been a blogger for many years, and has a considerable amount of experience as an internet marketing executive. The idea behind the site was actually his brainchild. He had spent years using his skills as a marketing executive to help market and promote products and services and wanted to do something that really had an impact on consumers. He built a small team to help him get the site off the ground and to help develop the strategy behind what DefenseGears is all about.

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