Updated: August 06, 2020

Features like appropriate locking mechanisms, size and shape, strength of the safe, metal used to build the device are a few among the long list of features which vary as per the requirement of the user and the variant of the model. One of such features is being fireproof. The box itself can protect itself but the heat can damage the goods you have hidden inside.

Choosing a Fire-safe

We found the top rated fireproof safes to be useful and unbeaten for the following:

#1 Size & Weight

But the ultimate security will be if the safe can be dead bolted to floor and the wall simultaneously. For people working with cash, it is generally better to have safe that is dead bolted to the floor, this will assure that intruders cannot easily dislodge the safe and steal your cash and valuables. For example, if a portable safe weighed 50 pounds, that would be a definite negative.

#2 Temperature Resistance

Working in highly flammable environments can be tough, but you could possibly find out what the temperature will be when the place takes fire and this should also aid in making a better choice for your fireproof gun safe.

The more expensive safes will last for up to 1 hour in 1750° F and if you take that into account, you will notice how strong the metal designs and steel structures really are. We highly recommend taking the safe with the highest temperature resistance to ensure optimal quality and to protect your valuables.

#3 Heat Resistance

This is really important when it comes to businesses that like to store their cash on site. Paper does not take long to disintegrate when fire is close by and this could potentially destroy all your cash on the inside and render the entire goal of the safe useless.

The plastic has been constructed under high temperatures and therefore, the plastic is also resistant to most fire for a certain amount of time. You could also add an interior carpet over the plastic lining and many safes already incorporate all of this to give you a real heat and impact resistant safe from durable and high-quality materials.

The door is no exception when it comes to building a safe and should be a quarter of an inch thick minimum. It would be easy jobs to pry open such a door. At least ½ steel made doors should be effective. The key is to find a safe that perfectly combines the two and can properly be dead-bolted to the wall.

#4 Water Resistance

We recommend looking for a safe that is water resistant for at least 24 hours as this will ensure that you have time to save the safe in case a hurricane, tsunami or flood hits your house and you will also know that all your belongings are kept safe and dry.

#5 Warranty

These eight features should really be looked for in any safe, but even more so in a fire resistant safe. No one ever walks into a store with the goal of buying a fireproof safe for home, but if you can find a safe that has these features, you will have the added benefit of knowing that your weapons and documents should be able to resist common household fires.

On a side note, it is worth mentioning that most fireproof safes need to be mounted up high and they are not great on the floor. On the floor, the safe will need to battle the elements from every direction and this could decrease the fire resistant time and eventually the safe will give in. These eight features should really be looked for in any safe, but even more so in a fire resistant safe. With that being said, let’s look at the essential features that every leading fireproof safe should have:

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