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The next step in the process is usually to consider buying a home security safe to keep the valuables & weapons safe from burglary but are you sure that the safe will keep your children out. With television emphasizing tips and showing anyone how to break into safes, children are also picking up on the subtle hints. But if you are a conscience parent, you should never let danger take hold of your household.

After reading a few testimonies, we have set out to examine how you could make your home security safe perfectly childproof and even ways to keep your children from ever having the opportunity to access the safe. By understanding the following tips, you will be sure that your children will not be able to access your safe and put themselves in danger. These five features will make it easier and more peaceful in the household.

Hiding a Gun Safe From Children

I have decided to pick the 5 best methods to keep you safes away from children and potential danger. Concealment can be hard with larger safes and therefore, this list will only contain hiding spots for smaller safes, but we also recommend keeping your larger safe under a watchful eye when children are playing close by. These tips will not cost you extra money except for the mounting and thus it is a valuable free resource to know about.

#1 Consider a Built-in or Walk-in Safe

The built-in and walk-in safes have been rated as some of the best on the market and they also provide you with a lot of value and extra space. The built-in safe is secure and it also uses a tamper-proof mechanical key lock that is similar to that of a locked door.

Children will know they cannot enter the room and you should never take them inside, but it will be your responsibility to ensure that the keys are kept safe and away from them to add to the protection.

#2 Keep the Safe High

Children are short and they cannot always reach those higher spots. By hiding your safe on top of something, beyond their reach, you can be sure that they will not be able to play or tamper with it. You will need to ensure that the safe is securely mounted to ensure that it does not come loose and fall to the ground and that you still have optimal access in times of need.

#3 The Mechanical Lock is Childproof in Itself

The mechanical lock is free from any tampering and it is kind of impossible to try and break open these locks. Not only are they extremely strong, but they do not depend on batteries and simple tricks will not work on the locking mechanism as it is dependable on a key.

Relying on a key may seem daunting to some with all the risks associated and how easy it could be to lose the key, but in reality, almost all electronic safes are also fitted with key holes and you are provided with additional keys as backup.

By reverting back to the standard way, you can be sure that your safe is protected and that children will need the key to enter. Once you establish a secure place for them, it should be impossible for children to enter the safe and you will know that your safety and their safety are guaranteed.

#4 Move the Safe if it is Portable

Having a portable safe is kind of beneficial and you will be able to move the safe around, therefore, the child will not be able to know where the safe is and it will also make an inside job harder when someone is targeting your house for a break in.

We do recommend that the safe is mounted and this might take you a little longer when it comes to moving the safe, but if you manage to keep the safe under your watchful eye most of the tie, you should be reluctant to know that it will be safe.

#5 Educate Your Child

Knowledge is power and with knowledge, people will learn much faster and be able to make better decisions. If you can educate your children on safes and their working and also the dangers associated with firearms, you will be able to let them near the safe and they should make the smarter choice.

To do this, you will need to wait until they are the appropriate age to understand these dangers, but until then, you could use the above-mentioned hiding spots and methods to ensure that your children do not access the safe and that their lives are put at minimal risk.

Michel Pedneault

Michel Pedneault

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