We live in an age where people need to learn how to defend themselves. This is why there are a large number of people who have turned to self-defense courses or who have purchased firearms as their primary source of defense.

While each of these can be quite effective, you may not be comfortable with owning a gun, and you may not have a year or two to develop your skills in the martial arts. What you need is a solution that can help you to protect yourself in dangerous situations, and this is where pepper spray has become the ideal choice.

Works for Humans…Works for Animals

Many like the idea of pepper spray for a number of reasons. The most important of these is that it is effective on both people and animals. You may need to deter an assailant from attacking you while you are heading to your car. You may also need to keep a wild animal from approaching you while you are out for a jog or while you are hiking in the woods. Pepper spray can be a great solution for either situation.

In fact, many prefer pepper spray over other forms of defense because it is not permanent. You can spray a wild dog, raccoon, or even a mountain lion with pepper spray, sending the animals scurrying away from you.

The same is true of a person trying to attack you. You may not be looking to kill them. Simply to incapacitate them, and this is where pepper spray can be the perfect choice. It acts as such an irritant that it will stop the person in their tracks, giving you time to call the police why they writhe in pain.

Where Can I Get Pepper Spray?

This may sound ideal to you, and you may be wondering where you could purchase pepper spray. There are many locations online where you are able to purchase this product, and it is perfectly legal for most people to purchase. While some states do not allow people under 18 to own or use pepper spray, most have no issue with it, meaning that anyone can buy it.

You are likely to find it at a variety of retail outlets within your area. Many smoke shops sell pepper spray as a unique accessory, especially considering that a number of their clientele are women who are looking for additional means to protect themselves. You can also find a number of online retailers that provide pepper spray as well.

You will also find that you could make your own pepper spray. While it is not as potent as those you would buy in a shop or online, it does not mean that it is not worthwhile for you to make on your own. You can save yourself a lot of money by making it yourself, and can make abundant quantities to use as needed.

How to Make Pepper Spray?

There are two main ingredients to pepper spray: Capsaicin and a liquid. Capsaicin is an oil that is extracted from chili peppers. Because it is so hot when it reacts with your skin, it is the perfect active ingredient to help stop some person or some animal from trying to attack you.

The liquid can either be vinegar, water, or alcohol. Water is clearly the cheapest option, because you can find it just out of your tap, but it is not as stabilizing as either vinegar or alcohol. If you are looking to extend the shelf life of your pepper spray, you should look to use one of the other options.


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