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Stun gun can be the perfect device used to protect you in an emergency situation. Because of its easy design and efficiency, it can easily be employed to help defend you should you be attacked, even by a wild animal. This is why millions of people choose to carry it in their purse, pocket, even in their hand while they are out.

While this is an easy to use device, the reality is that there are things about stun gun you should know to help you get the most out of your device. Consider that in an emergency situation seconds matter, fractions of a second matter, so you want to know how to use the stun gun in the right way so that you can fend off that attacker to allow yourself to get away.

Know the Law

Before getting into the use of the stun gun, it is important to begin with whether you can use this device at all. The reality is that some states, even some cities in counties ban the use of these devices.

You are not allowed to use or possess one of these stun guns all. This includes such dates as New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Even Philadelphia and Chicago banned the use.

In some states, required to own a permit to be able to use a stun gun. Without one, you can be fined or even imprisoned. This is why it pays to ensure that you are even allowed to own this device you have to or if you half to before you walk out the door with your stun gun.

Familiarize Yourself with the Stun Gun

If you are going to effectively use your stun gun, then it pays to know how it works. Familiarize yourself with the product. This starts by identifying all of the key parts of your stun gun. You should know where the prongs are, the safety switch, and where you recharge or replace batteries.

Don’t just take a look at it and decide you know exactly how it works. Test the safety switch to ensure that it fires properly. Make sure the batteries are fully charged or are replaced. This is something you should do every day before you leave your home or office.

Examine how the device works. Test fire it a few times to see how the prongs work. If you can, test the prongs against something like an inanimate object or a piece of fruit. You want to make sure that this is working properly and that you understand what you need to do to make it work correctly.

Learn to Aim Your Stun Gun

One thing that people don’t realize is that there are better places on a person’s body where you want to discharge the stun gun. Consider that this is a situation where your very life may depend upon your accuracy. You want to make sure you were hitting the right target each and every time.

These devices work by embedding a pulse that disrupts the proper functioning of the central nervous system and muscle groups. What that means is that you want to hit major muscle groups so that you get the best possible reaction.

Where you want to aim your stun gun is between the persons neck and waist area. First off, this is the easiest target to hit and it provides the best chance of you incapacitating your attacker.

It is also the area where there is the least possibility of the person pushing the stun gun off themselves. If you apply the prongs of the stun gun to their arms or legs, there is a good chance they may push it or kick it away. That is far less likely when applied against their torso area.

Dispel the Myths

If you are going to use your stun gun properly, it is also important that you remove many of the myths that you may have about how these devices work. On TV or in the movies, a person simply touches the stun gun to their attacker, dropping them to the ground either unconscious or completely incapacitated. Understand, this is why it is called Hollywood.

The reality is that this is not Houston guns work. They are effective at incapacitating your attacker, but it is not a one second burst that will do the job. You will usually have to apply this for at least three to five seconds to get them down.

Also understand that they are not going to be conscious or writhing in pain for an hour. They are going to be down for 15 minutes, maybe more. That is enough time for you to get away. Don’t stand around dawdling. Run!

It also means that you should continue to apply the stun gun until the person is down and incapacitated. Don’t just assume three to five seconds will do the job. When they are not able to get up, then it is time to remove the stun gun from their body.

This is just one of the myths you need to inform yourself about before you start using your stun gun. You can find out more about this by viewing our article related to these myths.

When and How You Should Use Your Stun Gun?

It is also important to know when and how to use your stun. Your kids upsetting you or the neighbor mowing the lawn at six clock in the morning is not a reason to run out there with your stun gun. This is a device that is intended to use when you are in danger.

You should use this weapon whenever you face a situation where someone is trying to harm you. Understand that they must be in close proximity to you why the prongs of the stun gun against their skin. This is an indicator to you to be well aware of your surroundings.

Keep in mind that most attacks are successful because the victim is unprepared or unaware of their surroundings. They are out jogging with their headphones in loud so they cannot hear. They are on their phone and not paying attention. These are the kinds of situations that are ripe for attack.

No one is going on around you. If you are holding your stun gun in your purse or pocket, practice quickly and easily getting out. Remember, you have a second or two at most to try to defend yourself. Practice, practice, practice! Your life depends on it.

If you follow these important steps and understand how and when to use your stunned on, you are going to be protected in a dangerous situation. Be smart, and you will protect yourself from a serious injury.

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