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If you have come across a bear while out in the wilderness, maybe even around your home, you probably know how terrifying these creatures are. Some of these bears can be absolutely enormous in size. Add to it the fact that they have huge claws and sharp teeth and it can be quite intimidating to say the least.

The problem is that you may not have any idea of when you could come across a bear. You could be out in the woods on a hike or camping, maybe even taking your garbage out to the garbage can when suddenly a bear appears. If you are in an area where bears are known to reside, you can very likely come across one of these creatures.

Have Bear Spray While Travel

A very effective way to protect yourself from bears is through the use of a bear spray. These products work very much in the same way as pepper sprayed us. If you have ever seen this used on someone, or have had it used on you before, then you know the effects. It will cause a person to have difficulty breathing, their eyes will water, their nose will run, and it is very difficult for them to do anything other than gasped for air.

These bears sprays work in the same way. The incapacitate the animal in the same way, causing it to have difficulty breathing. This will hopefully cause the animal to stop in its tracks, giving you time to get away.

How to Use the Bear Spray?

While this is a highly effective product, if not used properly it will provide you know protection. What this means is that you need to know how to use the bear spray if you are going to keep a bear from attacking you.

  • Know Your Product. Where your instruction begins is by learning the product you have purchased. Not every bear spray you buy is the same. Some have stronger chemical agents. Some offer more volume and it can. Some spray longer distances than others. All of these are factors you need to know.

    The one that matters the most is the effective range. Most have a range of somewhere between 15 and 25 feet. If the range is 15 feet and you start spraying a bear that is 25 feet away from you, know that it will not work. You need to have all the knowledge you can about your product’s effectiveness before you attempt to use the product.

  • Take Aim. It is also important for you to know how the product works in terms of how it sprays. Some release a long stream, meaning you need to hit the bear directly in the face. Others release a type of fog, that creates a shield about 15 to 20 feet away from you. When the bear encounters that fog it can be incapacitated.

    While the stream requires greater accuracy, it also means you are getting more of the product directly on the face of the bear. This means that it is much more effective, as long as you hit the bear in the face. If you are choosing a type of product like this, you will want to get some practice in. By an additional can so you can work with it and know how to use it before an emergency arises.

  • Prepare to Fire. Once you have practice with the product, you will be ready to use it. Obviously, your first goal is to stay away from a bear altogether. Avoid them if you can. If you do come across a bear, first stay calm. Slowly back yourself away without doing anything that could threaten or startle the bear.

    If you do come across a bear and it is coming to you, then you need to be ready to fire. Make sure you take a steady position, that you aim the bear spray directly toward the bear’s face and begin to spray.

    Some products you will purchase offer you the ability to spray in bursts, as many as eight or nine bursts per can. Some will tell you that the best thing for you to do is to spray the bear a few times first to see how it will react to the spray. Maybe two or three bursts will be enough to incapacitated.

    That’s a ridiculous risk to take. You should let that bear have it with everything your cam has to offer. This is your life after all, and if two or three bursts are not able to stop the bear you may not have enough time to shoot anymore.

    The only instance where you should ever use a few bursts is if there is more than one bear. You may need to spray two bears or more, meaning that you need to have a little in reserve just in case.

  • Run for Your Life. Once that bear is down, it is time to run for your life. Don’t wait around to see how the bear has responded to the spray. This is your opportunity to get away and you should take advantage of that.

    Also, don’t go back later to see if the bear is gone. Avoid that area. In fact, if you were out on a camping trip, this may be the time to decide that you should head home. A close encounter with a bear is nothing to feel cocky about, meaning you may want to get away while the getting is good.

Knowing how to use your bear spray is important. That may be the most important thing you could learn. This is a valuable tool, but it is only effective if you know how to use it. Take the time to get to know how to use your product so if an emergency arises, you will be ready to defend yourself. Remember, you may only have one shot. Make sure you know how to take it.

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