Updated: August 06, 2020

Sentry currently produces over two hundred different models of safe, which are available for sale in over fifty countries. The majority of Sentry’s safes are now manufactured in their fully-owned plant in Shanghai, China. There is a great variation in quality and price when it comes to the safe manufacturing industry so before purchasing a Sentry safe, you should evaluate the Pros and Cons listed below:

  • Fire and Water Resistant Interior. Should you be working in a highly volatile environment, you will be happy to know that the SentrySafe Company does not only cater for fires, but also for water damage. This will make the safe great for places which are constantly struck by hurricanes in the US. You will notice that the safes all have been lined with a durable plastic and this plastic is not only heat resistant, but it keeps the inside insulated and clogged up, thus making sure that water cannot penetrate the interior.
  • Internal Storage Space. The SentrySafe brand really does give you that extra bit of storage space and even thought their shelves are built in, it is perfect for storing multiple firearms and also different types of valuables. If you are looking for that extra bit of storage space, you can be sure to find it in any of the SentrySafes on the market and receive real value for your money.
  • Weight. The SentrySafe brand specializes in making heavy safes and the reason for this is to add that extra layer of security to your safe. Whether you need a wall mounting or larger rifle safe, you can be sure that it will be heavy and hard to move. The mounting process on these safes is also quite easy, thus giving you the opportunity to ensure that the safe is tightly secure and all of your valuables are protected to the best of your ability.
  • Solid Steel pry-resistant door. Most of Sentry safes high-end models, such as those in GM and GS Fire-Safe series, feature a solid steel door with external hinges, which reduce the chance of heat transfer, in the case of a fire. Also, once closed, there is no gap in the door-jam to allow access for prying and a hardened steel plate is attached to the door front which can protect from a drill attack.
  • ETL verified Fire Protection. World-renowned testing-laboratory, Intertek-ETL have verified that Sentry safes which feature the ‘Fire-Safe’ branding will protect possessions enclosed within for at least 30 minutes, in fires with temperatures of up to fourteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Poor Technical Support & Customer Service. Sentry safes are developing a growing reputation for poor after-sales customer service. Examples of customers calling technical support and receiving no response are commonplace, as are stories of unhelpful and dismissive technical support staff.
  • Budget Models are Low Quality. Establishing a manufacturing facility in China has allowed Sentry safes to greatly increase its output, however the lower standards of quality present in Chinese manufacturing means that while quantity has increased, quality has suffered. Safes under the one-thousand dollar mark, frequently suffer from poor construction, leading to a lack of security and non-existent fire-proofing.

Now I hope that you are able to make the best decision when it comes to looking for value. I like the SentrySafe brand for all of their features and the affordability of their products and should anything bad happen to the safe; they will be reluctant to replace the product for you.

The reason we firmly support the SentrySafe brand is that they do not let price stand in the way of providing a high quality safe for consumers. Almost all of their safes offers fire resistant features and this does make the safe more expensive to produce, but they still find a way of giving it to you at the lowest possible price.

Michel Pedneault

Michel Pedneault

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