Stun Gun Training: How to Effectively Use Them For Self Defense?

A stun gun can be an extremely effective tool in helping you to remain safe. This weapon is not only practical, but does an effective job at stopping would-be attacker dad and his or her tracks. Best of all, unlike a gun, you don’t have to go through all kinds of certification and registration to be able to use such a weapon. Straight out-of-the-box, you are ready to go.

While you may not be required to get a permit to use or own a stun gun, that does not mean that you should not take the time to learn how to properly use one. This is still a weapon and, if used improperly, can actually do more harm than good. Plus, if you do not know how to use this weapon then its ability to protect you in an emergency situation is moot.

Can You Use a Stun Gun?

While not difficult to figure out how to use, it is still important to have some basic tips on what to do and not to do before you use it. The first of these is to know whether you are allowed to use it all.

What you may learn is that state may ban the use of this weapon. While the stun gun is acceptable to own and use in most states, there are a few out there that do not allow youth. Or to use it. You may have to jump through specific hoops, such as in Connecticut where carrying a stun gun means you must secure a permit to do so first. This is also true in states like Mississippi, Indiana, and Michigan.

In Chicago, you can’t have a stun gun at all. While it is legal in the rest of the state to own one, if you have a permit, you cannot do this in the Windy City. If you are in North Dakota or Wisconsin you must have a concealed weapon permit if you were going to carry a stun gun on you while out and about.

In some states, it is completely illegal for you to own. This includes Hawaii, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. It is also illegal to own a stun gun in Washington, D.C.

What this tells you is that before you decide to run out and buy one of these weapons, you want to make sure that you have followed all of the state guidelines. Check to make sure that you are authorized to have such a weapon, and if it is necessary for you to obtain a permit before doing so.

How Does It Work?

When you first purchase your stun gun, where you want to begin is by doing a thorough examination of the weapon itself. Familiarize yourself with the device. This includes charging it and activating it a few times just to see how easy it is to operate. Don’t test on anything or anyone. Just click on it a couple of times in the air just to see how easy it is to use.

In addition, determine how you will carry the device. Is this something that will easily slide into your purse? Will you carry in your hand as you walk to your car or while you walk home from school or the office? Figure out if this is something you can easily access, because you will need to use it in an emergency situation where fractions of a second matter.

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