Taser vs Stun Gun: Is a Stun Gun a Taser?

There are a lot of terms that are used in life, often interchangeably. For example, cotton swabs are often referred to as Q-tips. Q-tips is the most popular brand of cotton swabs, but not every cotton swab is a Q-tip.

These are simple kinds of mistakes, but the reality is that there are some terms that are used to describe one device that is not accurate at all. This is the case with the stun gun and taser. People frequently discuss these items as one and the same, when the reality is that the products work quite differently than one another.

The Stun Gun vs. the Taser

While they both can be effective, they do not work the same. A taser is quite different from a stun gun. Understanding the differences are important, because it will play a role in the kind of protection that you want for yourself.

How a Taser works is quite simple. When activated, it shoots probes into the body of a potential attacker. These probes are attached to wires. The probes are spear shaped at the ends, so they are able to penetrate into the person skin.

An electrical current is then emitted which causes an electric shock. This directly affects the nervous system of the person. With their nervous system shock, the person becomes incapacitated. You can continually apply the Taser to the individual to keep them compliant should they start to regain their faculties and attempt to attack you.

The stun gun works quite differently. At the end of a stun gun is two prongs. These emit an electric shock when the stun gun is activated. By placing it directly against the skin of the individual, it shoots a voltage through the prongs which stuns the person.

The Purpose of Both

Before getting into the differences between the two, we began with an explanation of why a person would have such a device, whether it is to start gun or the taser. These are personal protection devices. Their intent is to incapacitate someone who may be attempting to injure or harm you in other ways.

Both can be highly effective at this task. While incapacitating the person in different ways, they still provide a certain degree of protection. In fact, one thing that is like about them is that they can be effective on wild animals as well. This means that if you come across an animal such as a coyote, wolf, or even a ferocious dog, you can use these devices to protect yourself.

Which Is Better?

This is a question of personal taste, and also relates to what level of protection you need. There are clearly some advantages to the taser. The most important of these for some is the fact that a Taser can be used at a distance of up to 15 feet away from you. This means that the attacker does not have to be in close for you to be able to incapacitate them.

That is not true with the stun gun. The only way that you are able to effectively stop the attacker with the stun gun is to apply the prongs to their skin. That means they have to be within a few feet of you, which poses some risks.

Both allow you to continue to supply charge if you need. Both work for somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes, which should be plenty of time for law enforcement officials to arrive. If not, you can zap them one more time to ensure that they remain compliant.

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