There are many products out there that we use where the brand name has become synonymous with the product itself. Take the cotton swab for example. All of us are familiar with this product. Most of us use it every day to clean our ears. But most of us don’t refer to it as a cotton swab. We call it a Q-Tip, because Q-Tip is the brand name that is most often associated with the product itself.

This is something that is found in dozens if not hundreds of products on the market today. A brand will become so popular that its name becomes the product itself. This has become the case with pepper spray as well.

If You Ask Most People…

If you ask the vast majority of people what Mace is, they would tell you that it is a spray you can purchase that is used to defend yourself against potential attackers. That is true, but the reality is that Mace is not the spray itself. Instead, that is pepper spray. Mace is just one brand of pepper spray.

A little understanding of what pepper spray is could actually help in this situation. Most of us have heard the term but don’t really understand what makes up pepper spray. Is it like the pepper that we use in our condiments?
That is a good question, but pepper spray actually gets its name because it uses hot peppers as the source of its effectiveness. Most of us are familiar with how hot peppers work. If you have been to a Mexican restaurant and eat some jalapeno peppers you are probably aware how this can quickly get your mouth burning, your nose running, and your eyes watering. It can be horrific!

The same is true of pepper spray. In fact, the effect that jalapeno peppers have on you when you eat them is what pepper spray will do when sprayed on you.

The difference between pepper spray and jalapeno peppers is that pepper spray uses much more potent peppers that jalapeno peppers. You may find that hard to believe if you have ever eaten jalapeno peppers before. They can cause your mouth to burn quite severely, but cayenne peppers are what are commonly used in pepper spray because they are a hotter, more potent pepper.

When properly treated and placed inside a canister, the extract from cayenne peppers can be a devastating tool to drop any would be assailant. It instantaneously causes a person’s eyes to start watering, and acts as such an irritant that it makes it impossible to see. A person is literally dropped to the ground, writhing in pain from the effects of the pepper on their skin, in their eyes, and in their nasal passages.


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