Updated: August 06, 2020

The term ‘gun safe’ can easily be associated with an expensive steel box that protects all your valuables and firearms. Many people choose to keep their belonging somewhere stored in the house, while others tend to hide their guns under pillows. People sometimes do not fathom the danger associated with not having a safe for your firearm.

That is perfectly acceptable, but there are still those who would like to have a secure place to store their firearms even if it isn’t in a safe. They are looking for a location or a means that gives them peace of mind that their weapon will not be taken or fall into the wrong hands, while still not having to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a safe. This goal can be reached.

The vast majority of safes that you purchase come with the proper anchoring hardware to be able to secure the safe in place. This includes drill holes to anchor the safe, anchor screws, and any other hardware necessary.

Consider that no matter what choice you make for your safe this should be one of your primary factors. You want to ensure that you can lock that safe to your home so that it is extremely difficult to try to get out. That the only way a person is going to remove that safe is by using heavy equipment, something most thieves don’t have readily available to them.

Safety First

The first thing that you want to consider is that the weapon cannot be fired. No matter how well you may hide your firearm, an inquisitive child may come across it, so you want to do all you can to ensure that the firearm cannot be used without your permission. This is also true of wanting to ensure that thieves don’t have the ability to use your firearm either.

The first way to accomplish this goal is true use of trigger locks. A trigger lock is not only an affordable option, costing an extremely small fraction in comparison to what a safe would cost. There are a few different types, including cable locks which denied the ability of the firearm to be activated without the removal of the lock. This is a great way to secure your firearm so it simply cannot be used.

If you are unable to find or purchase a trigger lock, a padlock can work just as well. Simply slide the bolt in the lock between the trigger and the back end of the hasp so that the trigger cannot be pulled and your problem is resolved.

Hiding the Goods

While good access is important, you also want to ensure that your safe is not visible to most. There are several wall safes that you can embed into a wall within your home which can easily be hidden by use of a picture or other hanging object. This will keep anyone from even knowing that you have a safe at all, helping to reduce your concern about theft.

There are also several different kinds of china cabinets you can purchase were a safe can be embedded and hidden as well. The cabinet storing the safe can look like it is nothing more than a cabinet where you are storing dishware or knickknacks.

If you have a larger size safe that will not fit in a wall or cabinet, then storing this in the closet in your bedroom or office, even in the hallway of your home can be the ideal choice. Using coats, blankets, and other objects inside your closet to camouflage your safe protects it from being easily discovered, while still allowing you to have direct access to the safe.

In Plain Sight

Some are not as concerned with hiding their safe in all. Many of the more expensive products you will find look absolutely stunning and would look fantastic anywhere in your home. You can put your safe on full display, just ensure that it is securely fastened to the floor or wall. This will prevent it from being stolen.

As long as you take the kind of precautions to protect your safe, you can place it just about anywhere in your home. Just be sure that you keep these factors in mind so that you protect your valuable from potential issues both in and out of the safe. This will help you to feel a lot more secure about things that matter to you the most.

Michel Pedneault

Michel Pedneault

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