If you are a person who is recently purchased a gun safe or you are about to do so, figuring out where to install the safe in your home is important. This is a product that is going to be securing your firearms, but it also is a product that is holding a valuable piece in your arsenal to protect you and your family. Thus, finding the proper location for it in your home is essential.

You may already have the perfect location chosen. You have figured out exactly where you wanted the safe from the moment you purchased, but there are those out there who were unsure of exactly what would be the best placement. If this sounds like you, here are some factors to consider. Your safe is a valuable tool in protecting your firearms. Paying attention to these factors when choosing a location will help you to find the right spot to put your safe.

Size & Construction

This is probably the most important factor of all. The size of your safe is going to determine whether you can install it in the wall or floor, if you can located on an upper floor in your home, or if you need to secure it to your home at all. For example, a safe that ways 500 pounds really doesn’t need to be secured to a wall. It is the size and construction of the safes that make them such. It’s already difficult enough to move, so you may not even need to take the additional precaution of fastening it to the floor. Size also has to do with how much space you may have available for the safe.


This is another important factor. If you are a person who wants to ensure that you can easily get to your safe to secure your firearms in an emergency, then the location is essential. You want to find a place that gives you the accessibility when you need it. If you are not concerned about people breaking into your home, and this is not as much of an issue. However, if the safety of you and your family might be in jeopardy, then you want a safe position in a spot that makes it easy to access when needed.

Hidden or Not

If you have a smaller sized safe, you may find that it is easy for you to hide in your closet behind some sweaters or under your bed. There are products that are even made to slide under your bed, acting very much like a drawer. If you are purchasing a larger sized safe that allows you to store several firearms it once, you are going to find that hiding this particular kind of safe is a bit more challenging. Because of how large they are, the options to hide it in your home become limited. Not impossible, but a little more challenging.

Flooding and Fire

If you live in an area where flooding or fires are common, then this is another factor to consider. This is especially true when you are in an area where flooding is a frequent occurrence. If your home is on a flood plane, then putting your safe in the basement or even on the first floor of your home may not be the best option. The same could be true with fires. If you live in an area where fires are common, then you want to choose a location in your home where there is the least possibility of extensive fire damage occurring to the safe. You also want to choose a location where your safe would not be easily visible should a fire occur.

Keeping Your Kids Away

Unless you are using a biometric safe that requires a fingerprint for access, your kids may learn the combination, find the key, or figure out your keypad code. Disaster could loom. This is why you want to choose a location where they may have no idea that the safe is there. Make it difficult for them to reach, find, or gain access to.

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