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No matter where you live, it can be a pretty dangerous world out there. One where you need to have some sort of protection. To help secure their safety, many people choose to purchase a firearm, like a handgun. However, there are many places where a person is not able to carry a handgun or where they are simply not comfortable with the idea of walking around with a gun in their purse or pocket. They want an alternative to protect themselves, and this is where the stun gun is the perfect option.

What Is a Stun Gun?

Many of you have probably heard this term before, but may not know exactly what a stun gun is. This is actually a pretty simple electronic device that can incapacitate any person who was attempting to attack you.

The stun gun is an electronic device that uses high-voltage to stop the attacker. When the person is touched by the prongs, it admits electronic pulse which incapacitates done. It doesn’t cause serious injury, but will stop them in their tracks.

The device easily slides into your hand or could be held in your pocket. Most are no more than three or four inches in length, and are about an inch across. That makes it easy for you to be able to hold in your hand while you walk to your car or home from school or work.

How Does a Stun Gun Work?

What makes a stun gun such a perfect weapon to use is that the mechanics behind it are pretty simple. The device uses a simple electricity that creates a kind noise, so to speak. This electronic signal causes pain and discomfort that will leave the person incapacitated.

By pressing on the button on the side of the stun gun or, if the stun gun is shaped much like a handgun, pulling the trigger the electrical pulse begins to stream between the two prongs. You must physically touch the person for the electrical pulse to have any impact. That means that you must be in close quarters with the attacker.

An important note before continuing. Despite the fact that the stun gun is discharging a serious amount of electrical noise, it does not cause you to become impacted by holding it in your hand. The only part of the device that can cause incapacitation are the prongs, meaning that if they are not touching you then you have nothing to worry about.

A person needs to only be touched by the prongs for 1 to 3 seconds. It really should take no longer than that to incapacitate someone. Usually this amount of electricity will cause them to be disabled for as long as 30 minutes. That may not seem like a lot of time, but it is plenty enough for you to be able to get away.

How to Make the Stun Gun More Effective?

One point we want to reiterate is that this device is only useful if it comes in contact with the would-be attacker. That means that they must get close enough to you that they could potentially harm you. So, you should stay alert no matter where you are.

Holding the device in your hand, you want to press the prongs of the stun gun against an area of their body where there is a minimal amount of movement. Usually an area like the chest, back, shoulder is the ideal choice.

It is not that the device will not work against the arms or legs, but because of the greater mobility it may be that you simply miss were that the stun gun is knocked off of the person’s body before you are able to stop them. You may have only a one time opportunity to save yourself, and this is why you want to ensure that you get it right the first time.

Hold down the button for one to three seconds. This should be plenty enough time to drop the person. However, if you still feel that your life is in jeopardy, there is really no prohibition about discharging the device for a longer period of time. The important part is to get the person on the ground, freeing yourself to get away. If that takes five or six seconds to do so, then you should most assuredly do that.

It is also important for you to understand that the electric current will not transfer from the person to your body. While you are zapping them, the current will not flow through the person and into your body. Thus, you do not have to be concerned about being incapacitated yourself.

Is a Stun Gun a Taser?

One more important note to pass on. Most people confuse a Taser and stun gun as the same thing. It is important for you to understand that these are two totally different devices. Your reason for understanding this is that they work in different ways.

A Taser is actually admitting an electronic pulse that electrocute the person. It in capacity their nervous system by literally shocking them.

That is not how a stun gun works. This is emitting a powerful electronic soundwave that incapacitates a person by stunting their nervous system. In many ways, it works like a flash or concussion grenade. The sound is overwhelming to the nervous system of a person’s body, causing them to drop.

Because of this distinction is important for you to realize that the use of the stun gun on a person for one or two seconds may not be sufficient time to stop them. You may find that it is necessary to keep applying the stun gun to stop them from continuing to attempt to attack you. This is why it is essential that you take all measure to continue to use the device until you are sure that they are down for the count.

You also should know that this device can be highly effective and deterring wild animals simply by the sound it emits. If you hold down the button so that it starts to emit that sound, it may startle an attacker so that he or she runs away.

It will most assuredly do that with wild animals. Because animals have much more sensitive hearing than people, that sound emitted by the device is sure to cause them to flee. That may be all you need to avoid being hurt by one of these animals.

As you can see, a stun gun can be a very effective device to protect you and emergency. Use it in the right way and understand how it works for you and you can avoid a serious injury.

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