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It may not be like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster, but there are myths related to stun guns. Unfortunately, some of these myths may deter a person from even purchasing one of these devices. Some may cause a person to endanger themselves. So, before you decide he will not purchase one of these products or, if you have, before you head out the door here are some truths to dispel these myths.

#1 Stun Guns Cause Intense Pain, Maybe Even Seizures

This is not correct at all. The intention is not to inflict pain but is to, instead, to stun the neuromuscular system. This causes the muscles to contract quickly, which reduces energy while also interrupting the impulses of the nervous system. In essence, the person loses control of their muscles and becomes disoriented. This will often cause them to fall to the ground, beginning to twitch. There is no denying that it hurts, but it is more like the effects of a person who has been working out excessively than leaving a person writhing in pain.

#2 Stun Guns Kill

This is a rather ridiculous assertion. Unless the person is aged and already has a heart condition, this is not going to cause that kind of permanent injury. It is true that prolonged use of the stun gun against a person can lead to a rather severe injury, but that would have to be for 60 seconds or longer. It still doesn’t kill. The truth is that very few people die from the effects of the stun gun each year, and these are always because the person had a health condition which endangered them in the first place.

#3 Both of You Will Get Shocked

This is one of those made-for-TV myths that arises. People believe that if they shock an individual that they are in physical contact with that the effects of the stun gun will also transfer into their body. Completely ridiculous!

The truth is that there is no possibility of this happening. Understand that this is not exactly an electrical current that is being sent through the person. The prongs are emitting a high-powered pulse that is more akin to a soundwave than electricity. This directly impacts their body, but does not transfer through. Only that which comes in direct contact with the prongs of the stun gun will be affected by it.

However, you should be aware that if you touch yourself with the prongs while activating the stun gun then you are going to feel its effects. Don’t do something this silly.

#4 Stun Guns Only Work on Bare Skin

This is another myth that needs to be dispelled. It is true that thicker clothing can influence the effect of the stun gun, but it does not eliminate its effects.

The direct impact with bare skin will likely cause a more powerful effect. There is no denying this. However, it is not necessary for you to look for bare patches of skin to apply the stun gun. The truth is that you may not find some on your attacker. As long as the prongs are pressed against your target, they are going to feel the effects. If they are wearing thicker clothing you may have to apply the stun gun for a longer period of time. It will still work regardless.

#5 You Can Own a Stun Gun No Matter Where You Live

While this is not a firearm, like a pistol or rifle, there are some states or local municipalities that ban the operation and ownership of stun guns. These include states such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. There were also cities, such as Philadelphia and Chicago, which also outlaw the owning of a stun gun.

Before you decide to purchase one of these devices, it is important for you to contact your local police department or courthouse and see if it is permissible for you to own such a device. You may even find that it is legal, but that you are required to go through some kind of training to receive a licensure.

Don’t just assume that you can purchase a stun gun. Take the time to do the research. You may find that if you purchase one of these devices and you do not follow the proper procedures that you could find yourself behind bars. Your stun gun is not going to protect you in jail.

#6 One Brief Pulse Will Drop Anyone

This is one of the biggest misconceptions related to the stun gun. These are highly effective devices, but they do not work like you would see in the movies. There, it seems that all it takes is for a person to be touched by a stun gun for a second or two and the assailant dropped to the ground. That is not true at all.

Most often, it will take a pulse of somewhere between three and five seconds to begin to incapacitate your attacker. What that means is that you must continuously apply the stun gun to their skin until they drop.

As an important word of caution, you should continue to apply the stun gun until the person is fully incapacitated. If this takes 10 seconds, then apply the stun gun for that long. Your safety, maybe even your very life is at stake.

#7 Tasers and Stun Guns Work the Same Way

This is not true at all. A Taser is a completely different device than a stun gun. A stun gun applies an impulse by coming in direct contact with the person’s skin. A Taser is actually shot out of the device, inserting metal prongs into the person skin. Electrical impulse is then emitted from the Taser through the wiring and into the person skin.

Tasers can be far more effective, but require a good aim and do not allow for use when in close proximity. This is why many prefer the stun gun.

Hopefully, this should have dispelled some common misconceptions you may have about a stun gun. Understand that your life is on the line, so knowing how to use these weapons, and if you can use one at all is important to know.

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