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Deer hunting has become one of the most popular sports for hunters. Not only is it fun sport, but is also the kind of meat that one can get a lot of meals out of. There are really a lot of reasons to prefer hunting deer over any other animal.

Of course, while deer hunting may be enjoyable, the choice of weapon is important as well. Many will tell you that the best choice is to use a rifle or some other type of firearm, while others will swear that the use of a bow is far superior. So, what is the right choice?

What to Shoot With: Rifle or a Bow?

The truth is that this is really a matter of choice. There are those who will tell you that no matter what that a ball is always the best option. However, then may not necessarily be the case. A case can be made for each choice, and here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

#1 Cost

The reality is that you can find a compound bow or a rifle for about $300. However, the quality will not be very good in either. Low-cost rifles and bows often do not provide great performance, and require a great deal of repair and maintenance to keep them operating in all. A good quality rifle will cost you about $500, which is the same for a good compound bow.

You can save yourself a significant amount of money by opting to get a shotgun. This doesn’t require a scope, and you can get a pretty good shotgun for about $250, but the cleanup is a lot more taxing. If you are willing to spend some additional time retrieving buckshot out of the deer then this could be the option for you.

#2 Ability

While any person can learn to master either a firearm or a bow, the truth is that it is much easier to learn how to use a rifle that it is to shoot arrows. It takes a lot more skill, especially at longer distances to be accurate with the bow and arrow. If you are not going to be able to put in the time necessary to learn how to use a compound bow then this may not be the choice for you.

#3 Hunting Regulations

One thing you are likely to find is that the seasons for using a rifle to hunt deer are usually shorter than those who are using a compound bow. If you are a person who has a more rigid schedule that doesn’t always accommodate the standard deer hunting season, you may want to consider getting yourself a compound bow instead.

Then there is the fact that you may want to hunt for a longer period of time. The use of a bow would extend your hunting time, often by as much as two months.

#4 Ethics

This is an often considered, but there are those who don’t see the sport in using a rifle. It’s a lot easier to be able to take down a deer with a rifle that it is with a bow, and some enjoy the challenge of making it more into a sport.

Best Places to Shoot a Deer

The placement of your shot is important as well. You want to make sure you hit the deer in a place that gives you the kill or at least limits its ability to run away from you. You may not want to spend hours trying to find where your deer went to.

#1 High Shoulder

This is the preferred location. The reason you want to hit here is because once the bullet or arrow enters the deer it will cause the spine to snap. This will paralyze the deer, forcing it to stop immediately. It is definitely a quick solution.

#2 Brain

The brain is another choice location, really the one that many prefer, because it leaves the least amount of potential for the meat to be corrupted in some way. Most people do not eat deer brains or the meat surrounding the brain, so nothing is wasted.

Shooting the brain will instantly cause the animal to drop. A brain dead deer is unable to function any longer as its nervous system would be shut down. This is a very difficult shot, as you have a smaller target to try to hit. However, if you make your shot accurately you can take down that deer in seconds.

#3 Neck

The neck is another great location, because of the arteries that are running through the neck area. A shot here will cause the animal to bleed out in a matter of minutes, forcing it to stop. It may run briefly, but not for very long.

Your primary concern with this type of shot is that debris from the shot could get inside the blood vessels of the deer, transporting that debris to other parts of the body. All it would take was a matter of a couple of minutes for this debris to transfer.

#4 Heart-Lung

A shot in the heart or lung is a great choice as well. You can be sure that an accurately placed shot will drop that deer instantly, but this is not an easy shot. Just as with human beings, the ribs are there to protect the animal, meaning that you may cause some damage to the rib cage, but not even penetrate the lungs or the heart.

Should you hit correctly though, you can be sure you will get your kill. A deer that cannot breathe or whose heart has been damaged will not be alive for much longer.

Deer hunting can be a lot of fun. If done right it can make for an enjoyable day where you bring home a large amount of meat that could service you and your family for weeks.

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Levis Herrmann

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